• The Reign of a Wicked Queen Devotional

    2 Kings 11:1–20

    When it seemed that the line of David was about to die out, it was preserved by a faithful priest and his wife, who ultimately were instruments in the hand of our promise-keeping God. The Lord’s commitment to preserve David’s line encourages us, for it means He will not let the kingdom of David—which is really the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ—fail. If we are servants of Christ, we are members of an everlasting kingdom. View Resource

  • Starting Out Well Devotional

    2 Kings 11:21–12:16

    Jehoiada’s positive influence shows us that we should not grow weary in doing good and in passing on the faith to others. As we seek to teach our relatives and others the tenets of our faith, we can get discouraged when it seems that they just are not getting it. However, we must press on, for the impact we may have can be incredibly positive for the sake of the kingdom. Let us not grow weary in seeking to influence others positively for the kingdom of God. View Resource