• Truth and Love Devotional

    2 John 1-3

    Sometimes we can fall into the trap of presenting truth without love. We who are Reformed can be especially guilty of using the doctrines of grace as a club with which we attack people instead of lovingly sharing God’s sovereignty with our Arminian friends. At other times we might think we are being loving if we do not confront someone involved in serious sin. If you fall into either of these extremes, repent today and begin to walk in truth and love. View Resource

  • Walk in Love Devotional

    2 John 4–6

    Are you walking according to the truth, not just by studying the Word but by putting it into practice through concrete deeds of love toward others? Are you treating your neighbor exactly how you would want to be treated? Think of someone, perhaps a co-worker or family member, whom you have not loved but have treated badly, maybe in response to the way you have been treated. Think of a good deed you can do for that person and then go and do it. View Resource

  • The Docetic Heresy Devotional

    2 John 7

    The docetists rejected the true humanity of Christ because of a notion that the physical world is inherently defective. Biblical Christianity affirms something different. Although the creation is presently fallen, God originally made it very good. Thus, there is no inherent obstacle to the Son of God’s uniting Himself to a human nature in the incarnation. We need not disdain the created order, for God will redeem it. View Resource

  • Do Not Receive Him Devotional

    2 John 7–13

    Are you unwittingly supporting the work of false teachers? Perhaps some of the money you are giving to local charities is being funneled to groups who do community service while being hostile to Christianity. Take some time today to look at your charitable giving and discern exactly what groups and people your dollars are going to. If funds are being diverted to groups who oppose the Gospel, adjust your giving accordingly. View Resource

  • Gnosticism Devotional

    2 John 7

    The early church rejected Gnosticism, but certain aspects of Greek thought linger even today. Many believe our bodies are just shells for our souls — the “real” us. Yet though our souls are with the Lord at death, we are incomplete without our physical bodies, and we look forward to the resurrection of the body on the last day (Dan. 12:1–2). In creation, God blessed our bodies, and the way we treat them reflects our understanding of this truth. View Resource