• The Ark Comes to the Temple Devotional

    2 Chronicles 5:1–6:11

    Our omnipresent Creator is not confined to any one place. However, He did make His presence felt in a special way in the old covenant temple. Today He is “enthroned on the praises of Israel” (Ps. 22:3). When God’s people gather for worship, they can be sure of the Lord’s presence among them. Let us keep that in mind this Lord’s Day and always so that we might understand what is happening in our worship. View Resource

  • The Arts and the Worship Space Devotional

    2 Chronicles 5:1

    Some professing Christians neglect public worship, saying that they can worship God anywhere, even while sitting on the beach. While it is true that God can be worshiped anywhere, we are not to neglect the corporate worship of God’s people. No matter the kind of building your church worships in, do not neglect the weekly worship of God alongside your fellow believers. View Resource