• Josiah’s Passover Devotional

    2 Chronicles 35:1–19

    We should not discount the real trials that we face or pretend that things on this side of glory are better than they really are. That does not mean, however, that we should practice an austere religion devoid of all joy. God wants us to celebrate His great acts of salvation and to do so with great measure. When we have opportunity to celebrate God’s salvation, let us do so joyfully. View Resource

  • Josiah’s Final Battle Devotional

    2 Chronicles 35:20–27

    Josiah was not a perfect man, but in the main he was obedient to the Lord. Therefore, he was regarded as a righteous king. As we live lives of faith and obedience, we can likewise be called righteous, even as we know that only the perfect righteousness of Christ, imputed to us by faith alone, gives us eternal life. If we belong to Christ, then we will want to be known as faithful servants of God, so let us strive to obey Him today and always. View Resource