• Saul, Son of Kish Devotional

    1 Samuel 9:1–2

    It is no sin to be attractive physically, but the beauty of youth fades over time. What does not fade, however, is the godly character that God produces in His people through sanctification. We should all pursue personal godliness as of first importance. What are you doing to grow in the fear and admonition of the Lord and to bear good spiritual fruit? View Resource

  • Samuel Meets Saul Devotional

    1 Samuel 9:3–27

    Life brings with it many disappointments and changes of plans, and we can find it hard to see that God is working in all of it. However, we must remember that the Lord is working out His good plans for His people even when we cannot see how all the pieces fit together. Let us trust Him this day that He is directing our lives for our good and His glory. View Resource