• Selfless Prayer Devotional

    1 Samuel 2:1–11

    As you pray for specific things, do you take into account how the answers may impact the kingdom? Though in some cases it will be easier to do so than in others, all of us should endeavor to pray for things that can help the ministry of the church. Are you praying for a spouse? Pray for a godly spouse who can bless the church. Are you praying for a raise? Pray for a raise that will enable you to give abundantly to kingdom outreach. View Resource

  • Hannah’s Song And Eli’s Sons Devotional

    1 Samuel 2

    Sadly, it is all too easy for us, like Hophni and Phineas, to come to a point where we treat the things of God with contempt. This may be a particular danger for church leaders who regularly handle the Lord’s Word and thus can grow too comfortable with it. We should all be seeking the Lord, asking that He keep us from treating His worship and His Word with the kind of familiarity that leads us to forget who He is and who we are. View Resource