• David Ascendant Devotional

    1 Samuel 18:1–16

    Matthew Henry comments, “Proud men cannot endure to hear any praised but themselves, and think all their honor lost that goes by themselves.” Proud individuals who are unwilling to rejoice in the success of others threaten the peace of the church. Let us search our hearts for any lingering pride and forsake it, asking the Lord to enable us to rejoice in the success of others. View Resource

  • The Price of Fame Devotional

    1 Samuel 18:6-16

    God could have left David in obscurity on his father’s farm until it was time for him to be crowned. But he used him to defeat Goliath and brought him to the palace to refine him through struggle and trial. If you are facing difficult times, do as David did and rely on God, trusting that He is working out His purposes in your trials. View Resource

  • Saul Becomes David’s Enemy Devotional

    1 Samuel 18:17–30

    The promise of the Lord’s presence with His people is the greatest assurance we can have. Whether we are facing illness, persecution, or any other threat, God’s presence with us means that our enemies will not have the final say. If God is with us—and He is if we trust in Christ alone for salvation—we will live forever and therefore see the defeat of all His and our enemies. View Resource