• The Threat of Goliath Devotional

    1 Samuel 17:1–37

    Like Goliath, many of God’s enemies will cry out against Him and taunt His people, believing that the Lord cannot win the victory. However, the Lord God Almighty can deliver us from our enemies, and He will do this ultimately by granting us the new heavens and earth, casting His foes into the outer darkness (Rev. 21). We need not fear when we battle against those who would mock our Lord, for He will be with us to defeat all of His and our enemies. View Resource

  • David and Goliath Devotional

    1 Samuel 17

    In this world of causes great and small, it can be tempting to jump on every bandwagon that comes along. We are not, however, called to megalomania, nor are we called to be equally zealous for all campaigns that present themselves to us. Yet we should never see it as an option to not join the cause of Christ. When He calls we must answer, for He is our captain, and we are His faithful soldiers. View Resource

  • David’s Emergence Devotional

    1 Samuel 17

    The faith that David exercised in his battle with Goliath was a gift from God. The faith by which we trust Him for salvation is also given by God. We do not naturally want to believe in God or trust Him; we do so only when He changes our hearts. Has God given you the faith to believe? Thank Him for it and serve Him fearlessly. View Resource

  • David Versus Goliath Devotional

    1 Samuel 17:38–58

    The enemies of God and His people often look intimidating. However, we must look past appearances and realize that Christ will defeat all His and our enemies. No matter how strong the opposition may seem, the church will emerge victorious, for the church is united to Jesus, who is even now putting all of His enemies under His feet (1 Cor. 15:25). View Resource