• Vengeance on Amalek Devotional

    1 Samuel 15:1-9

    God is indeed patient and longsuffering. And yet, each day His patience comes to an end for many who rebel against Him. Their lives end and they are lost. We are called to tell unbelievers that they are trying the patience of the sovereign God, and that He commands them to repent (Acts 17:30). Whom do you need to speak with today? View Resource

  • The Grief of God Devotional

    1 Samuel 15:10-16

    Many today believe, as Saul seems to have thought, that what one does is not as important as the sincerity behind the action. But God wants us to have right motives and right actions. True good deeds are motivated by love for Him and conform to His directions. Pray that your motives and deeds will please Him, not grieve Him. View Resource

  • The Good and the Better Devotional

    1 Samuel 15:17-23

    It is much easier to bring a bullock or lamb to be burnt upon the altar than to bring every high thought into obedience to God,” Henry writes. Take care lest the good but more-ritualistic aspects of the Christian life—church attendance, Bible reading, tithing—keep you from pursuing obedience in every area of your walk with God. View Resource

  • A False Repentance Devotional

    1 Samuel 15:24-29

    What a pathetic figure Saul presents—his heart is far from God, but he is more concerned with saving face before his people. The condition of our souls must always be our highest personal concern, and true grief over sin is a key sign of spiritual health. Does your sin grieve you? If not, ask God to help you see your sins as offenses against Him. View Resource

  • The Abandoned King Devotional

    1 Samuel 15:30-35

    Samuel mourned for Saul but withdrew from him. Jesus lamented for Jerusalem but left it (Matt. 23:37–39). Likewise, there may be times when, as a last resort, it is best to disassociate from people over whose hardness of heart we weep. God can use such a hard measure to soften a hard heart and produce real repentance. View Resource