• God Rejects Saul’s Kingdom Devotional

    1 Samuel 13

    God is most gracious, but we should never think that disobeying His explicit commands will be without consequence. Saul disobeyed the Lord and lost the opportunity to have a lasting dynasty of sons to reign over Israel. If we are in Christ, we cannot lose our salvation, but our disobedience can cause us to lose earthly blessings. Let us seek to obey God’s revealed will so that we do not miss out on divine blessings. View Resource

  • Acting Without God Devotional

    1 Samuel 13:9-15

    No situation excuses disobedience. Even in stressful or dangerous times, God expects us to follow His commands. Our actions must always be compelled by the Word of God, not by circumstances. Take time today to pray for believers who face trials, that they would prove faithful. And pray for yourself should such times come upon you. View Resource

  • A Helpless People Devotional

    1 Samuel 13:16-23

    It seems that the Israelites were trusting in Saul and that Saul was trusting in himself, but no one was trusting God. The result was predictably negative. Likewise, trusting anything other than God will have negative consequences for us. Examine your heart today to see whether you are trusting Him in everything and for everything. View Resource