• A Young King’s Folly Devotional

    1 Kings 12:1–24

    That Rehoboam’s decision led to the fulfillment of prophecy did not make the choice any less sinful or foolish. God uses our decisions to achieve His purposes, but that does not mean we are not responsible for our choices. We cannot blame anyone but ourselves for our sins even though the Lord’s sovereign plan works through these sins to achieve a greater good. View Resource

  • Jeroboam I Breaks the Covenant Devotional

    1 Kings 12:25–33

    Augustine of Hippo comments that “for all that, King Jeroboam of Israel, who had proof that God was true, when he got the kingdom God had promised, was so warped in mind as not to believe in him.” When we fail to believe the promises of God through His prophets as Jeroboam did, disaster will ensue. Today, we hear from God’s prophets in the Scriptures, and we must believe the promises therein in order to remain faithful to God. View Resource