• Who Will Be King? Devotional

    1 Kings 1:1–27

    In today’s passage, we see that the continuation of David’s kingdom was on the line, since Adonijah was not his appointed successor. God’s plan to put Solomon on the throne could not fail, but that did not stop Nathan and Bathsheba from acting, without evident sin, to achieve the right outcome. We may not face such high stakes, but we need not be afraid to act wisely in order to accomplish good goals. View Resource

  • Solomon Anointed King Devotional

    1 Kings 1:28–53

    James 4:17 tells us that when we know the right thing to do and fail to do it, we have sinned. Sometimes it can be hard to do the right thing, but failing to do the right thing because of potentially negative consequences does not absolve us of guilt if we fail to act. We need not wait for a special sign to do the right thing. It is always the right time to obey the Lord. View Resource