• Solomon’s Wise Request Devotional

    1 Kings 3:1–15

    Solomon’s life illustrates the need to persevere in the wisdom of God. Of course, all those who have truly put their faith in His promises through Christ will not die bereft of this wisdom and thus, salvation; but the way in which we are assured that we have faith is to persevere in seeking His wisdom. Seek God’s wisdom in His Word both preached and read, and you will certainly find it. View Resource

  • Architecture Devotional

    1 Kings 6

    When we gather to worship the Lord, it is essential to remember that we are coming into the presence of the most holy Creator who has nonetheless chosen to show great mercy to a particular people in the person of Christ Jesus. The architecture of our sanctuaries can help us remember this, but we are tasked to recall this fact no matter where we gather for worship. We do not worship the Lord lightly, but we adore the holy, majestic Creator. View Resource

  • Architecture Devotional

    1 Kings 6

    Unlike the Jerusalem temple described in today’s passage, we do not have any new-covenant specifications for church architecture. Still, whether we build a cathedral or a building resembling a theater, people will get a sense of what we think about the Lord and our worship of Him by their surroundings. Consider today what the design of your church building conveys. In all things, seek to glorify our holy and gracious God through your Christ-centered creativity. View Resource

  • The Role of the Human Author Devotional

    1 Kings 14:29

    God’s inspiration of the Scriptures did not entail His taking possession of the human writers or otherwise completely overriding their personalities. Instead, He worked in and through these authors, making use of their skills, personalities, and even histories to accomplish His plan. This is how the Lord works out His will more generally as well. God uses our wills, desires, and actions to accomplish His purposes. View Resource

  • The Prototypical Prophet Devotional

    1 Kings 18:17

    We do not believe that the office of prophet continues today. God established the prophets as the foundation of the church, and a foundation is laid only once. However, God’s people are called to build on that foundation alone (Eph. 2:19–22). Today, preachers and teachers who call people back to the Lord’s inerrant Word stand in the prophetic line, not as infallible spokesmen for God but as those who direct us to the church’s prophetic and Apostolic foundation. View Resource

  • Elijah and the Prophets of Baal Devotional

    1 Kings 18:20–40

    Ultimately, God only demands one thing—our full commitment to Him. We were made for our Creator, and He will not share us with another. He will not have us as His if we try to divide our ultimate allegiance between Him and anything else. In Elijah’s day, many in Israel tried to serve God and someone else on the side. We are ever tempted to do the same. Let us remember the One for whom we were made that we might realize that we can be satisfied in Him alone. View Resource

  • God’s Silent Presence Devotional

    1 Kings 19:9–18

    The seemingly ordinary decision to take our child to Sunday school or help him memorize Bible verses might be used by God to equip that child to be a mighty warrior in the Lord’s army. Our choice to give money to a local missionary apart from any visible revelation from God may be what purchases the Bible that leads to a great revival in a foreign land. The Lord is with us in the silent, “unremarkable” moments of our lives to do extraordinary things. View Resource