• Born of God Devotional

    1 John 5:1

    The Bible is clear that all who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved (Acts 2:21). All who trust in Jesus Christ alone are true believers, even though disagreement may exist about issues not central to His identity. These issues may include things like the end times, sacraments, and church government. Do you love those who are outside of your denomination? Pray that God would give you a loving heart toward all His people. View Resource

  • Born of Him Devotional

    1 John 5:1

    When we are sure we are born of God we can be more sure we will overcome the world. This will lead us to live the Christian life more confidently and see many answers to prayer as we pray more and more according to God’s will (1 John 5:13–15). Take some time today to review the teaching of 1 John and thank Him for the lessons we have learned. Ask the Lord to increase your assurance so you may overcome the world for the sake of the kingdom. View Resource

  • His Commandments Devotional

    1 John 5:2–3

    Do you find the commandments of God burdensome? Or do you delight in keeping His law? Do you say you love God but then flee from obedience or commit the opposite error by trying to obey out of any other motive than the love of God? Take some time today to consider how you view the law of God. Ask the Lord to help you embrace His commands as loving requirements and obey His law by loving someone in your workplace today. View Resource

  • Overcoming the World Devotional

    1 John 5:4–5

    Do you believe Jesus is the divine Word of God who became incarnate for the sake of our salvation? Do you believe He is truly God and truly man? If so, this verse promises you will overcome the world. Are you overcoming the world today? Do you find yourself walking in victory over sin and evil? If not, confess your faith in the Lord again and draw near to Him. Find at least one friend who will help point you to the cross in your time of need. View Resource

  • Three That Testify Devotional

    1 John 5:6–8

    As the early church grappled with heretics of various sorts, the orthodox were united on the absolute necessity of the full deity and full humanity of Jesus Christ. They realized that only God Himself could rescue us from our desperate plight and that only a man could earn back what the first man had lost. Spend some time today meditating on Romans 5:12–21 and John 1:1–18, and thank the Lord for His becoming incarnate for our sake. View Resource

  • The Testimony of God Devotional

    1 John 5:9–10

    Those who reject the full humanity and full deity of Jesus are not only mistaken, they are sinning. It is not possible to accept the Son of God unless you believe the biblical testimony — God’s testimony — about His person and work (1 John 5:9–10). Muslims, secular humanists, Mormons, and all others who reject the divine Messiah are guilty of blasphemous unbelief. Spend some time today praying for a friend who does not believe in the biblical Christ. View Resource

  • Whoever Has the Son Devotional

    1 John 5:11–12

    Our sovereign God has chosen to grant eternal life only to those who will receive His Son. As Reformed evangelicals we are likely to have no problem affirming this teaching, but how many of us neglect sharing the Gospel with lost family, friends, and neighbors and thereby in practice deny that life comes only in His name? If you do not know any non-Christians, meet one and endeavor to share the Gospel with him. View Resource

  • Blessed Assurance Devotional

    1 John 5:13

    Take some time today to read through 1 John in preparation for our upcoming study. As we study this epistle we will be concerned with false teaching, much as we were during our study of 2 Peter, but we will also be concerned with the assurance of our salvation. Consider how we have already learned that true faith evidences itself through good works (James 2:14–26) and the practice of holiness (2 Peter 1:3–8). Ask the Lord to use our study to increase your assurance. View Resource

  • Pursuing Assurance Devotional

    1 John 5:13

    The parable of the sower indicates that it is possible to profess faith and yet not possess it. But it is through the possession of faith that we are saved, not through the mere profession of faith. If you are struggling with the assurance of your salvation, pray today that God would use our study to grant you full assurance of salvation. And pray for those who you know are struggling with their assurance that they might be certain of their redemption. View Resource

  • That You May Know Devotional

    1 John 5:13

    Many theological traditions deny we can be assured of eternal life. Roman Catholicism, for example, denies absolute assurance is possible for any except the greatest saints of the church. But as we can see today, God does want His children to know for certain they have eternal life. Do you love the brethren, seek to obey God, and confess the incarnation and yet lack assurance? If so, ask the Spirit to testify clearly with these things that you are a child of God. View Resource

  • The Confidence We Have Devotional

    1 John 5:14–15

    God’s will is always accomplished, and we must remember that our prayers are meaningfully used by God to bring about His purposes. God has decided to use us to accomplish His ordained ends, and this privilege should move us to seek His will so we might pray properly and effectually. Spend some time in prayer today, asking God to help you understand and pray His will at all times. View Resource

  • Sin That Leads to Death Devotional

    1 John 5:16–17

    While we may struggle to understand what the sin leading to death is, this verse encourages us to pray for one another. And even though John does not suggest praying for the person who has committed the sin leading to death, we must be careful not to hastily assume a person has committed final, unrepentant apostasy. Are you praying for others in your church? Take some time today to pray for someone who is struggling with sin. View Resource

  • He Who Was Born of God Devotional

    1 John 5:18–19

    Because we all know sin still remains in us, these verses claiming true children of God do not keep on sinning can be disheartening at times. Yet, as we have often seen, John does not teach that Christians can be sinless; rather, he emphasizes the believer’s freedom from the domination of sin. If you are eager to confess and repent of sin, you can be sure it does not dominate you. Spend some time drawing near to Jesus in repentance for specific sin. View Resource

  • Avoid Idols Devotional

    1 John 5:20–21

    What are those things you put in place of the living God? Are you consumed with fame and fortune? Do you pursue work to the point of neglecting private and public worship of the Lord? Perhaps you are tempted to worship at the idol of physical beauty and sensuality? Ask a trusted friend if he can see anything in your life you might have made into an idol. Ask that person to help you cast aside this idol. View Resource