• The Love of Almighty God Media Resource by

    1 John 3:1

    If we were to put together a top-ten list of our favorite attributes of God, which ones would be at the top of that list? Popular vote would probably place love in first place. Why? Is it because of our Biblically enriched understanding of the love of God, or our misunderstanding of our own nature? View Resource

  • Adoption & Union with Christ Media Resource by

    1 John 3:1-2

    To be part of the family of God is a gift. It is not something that believers earn, nor is it something that they have by the sheer virtue of being human. In this lesson, Dr. Sproul explains the special privilege of being a child of God through adoption and union with Christ. View Resource

  • The Beatific Vision Media Resource by

    1 John 3:1-2

    What is the ultimate goal of the Christian life: prayer, Bible study, good works? What is that thing that we should be praying, dreaming, and hoping for the most in our lives as Christians? In this message entitled “The Beatific Vision,” Dr. Sproul discusses that moment when we pass into glory and behold Jesus face-to-face. View Resource

  • Confidence in Hope Media Resource by

    1 John 3:1-3

    The shifting sands of culture are no match for the reality of who we are in Christ and ultimately who we will be. In this lesson, Dr. Nichols describes the Christian hope that makes us an engaging and transformative force in the world. View Resource

  • Sighing for Beauty Media Resource by

    1 John 3:1-3

    While Christians are on life’s pilgrimage, they sigh for the beauty of the eternal city. Augustine knew this well, and he looked forward to the joy of heaven. Christians live in this fallen world, but they live with a view toward the future—glorification in the new heaven and earth. In this session, Dr. Lawson describes how Christians are to live in this world—in the already of Christ’s work—while at the same time anticipating the future inheritance of the saints—the not yet. View Resource

  • Sanctification, Part 1 Media Resource by

    1 John 3:6-9

    View Resource