• The Priority of Love Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13:1–3

    Though we believe speaking in tongues and the gift of prophecy ceased with the end of the apostolic age, the many spiritual gifts and offices God still gives His people today can still be used in an unloving manner. One of these is teaching (Eph. 4:11). If we present our doctrine in an unloving manner, we have not made love the priority. As you discuss things like the doctrines of grace with other Christians, be careful to do so lovingly and respectfully. View Resource

  • Love Versus Death Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13

    When someone hurts or offends us, our reaction is usually to assume the worst possible motive in that person. But one application of the law of love is that we should give others the benefit of the doubt. How have you been doing in your relationships? Strive to assume the best possible motive in others. View Resource

  • Patience and Kindness Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13

    Consider today’s lesson as a test. As you review it, evaluate yourself in terms of patience and kindness. Are you patient with those who are inferior to you, like your children? Are you as kind and sensitive to other people as you should be? Do you need to claim God’s patience and kindness by faith? View Resource

  • Transformation into Glory Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13

    Each aspect of the fruit of the Spirit—that is, each aspect of you as you are transformed—is nurtured through personal relationships. Because Christian character does not develop in a void, take the initiative to become involved regularly in a small group fellowship. View Resource

  • Not Envious or Boastful Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13:4

    Envy is an easy sin to hide because we can keep our mouths shut about what we are feeling in our hearts when we see others get blessings we have been longing for. It is therefore important to be constantly considering our inward attitudes and confessing them before God and maybe even brothers or sisters in Christ whom we trust. Envy can lead to all manner of other sins, and so we must ever strive to keep it in check. View Resource

  • Not Envious or Boastful Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13:4

    Have you learned how to be content in whatever state you find yourself, or do you envy others because they have things you do not have? Do you boast in what you possess, or are you thankful you belong to Christ? If you have hard feelings toward another person, ask yourself if it is because you envy what that person has. Spend some time in repentance for having such an attitude and ask God to help you to be content in all your circumstances. View Resource

  • Selfless Love Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13:4-5

    Do you struggle with a short temper? Are you quick to exaggerate things and make the worst out of any and all circumstances? The antidote to these things is remembering the patience of our Creator. He did not wipe us off the face of the earth the first time we broke His commands. He shows us patience today in calling us to repentance. If our great God has shown such love, how can we think that we can show any less toward others? View Resource

  • Selfless Love Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13:4–5

    The hardest people to be courteous to are the people who know us the best. How often are we rude and irritable with our spouses and children even as we exercise a great deal of self-control with those who are only barely acquaintances? How have you treated your family and close friends today? Have you blown up in anger or been rude to them? If so, go and apologize to them and endeavor to love them selflessly at all times. View Resource

  • Lovingkindness Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13:4–8a

    Are you patient and kind? Does your love for others bear all things and build others up? Or, do you think you are doing things in love that are actually destructive? Look at your life and see if there is someone with whom you have not been patient or kind. Go and make amends, asking God to grant you more patience and kindness. View Resource

  • Love and Evil Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13:5-6

    Gossip and slander are two of the most overlooked sins in our day. We are quick to condemn sexual immorality, theft, and murder, but at the same time we often relish the opportunity to hear and tell stories about what others have said or done. When others are tempted to gossip in your presence, stand firm in the Spirit and suggest that the topic of conversation be changed to something more edifying. View Resource

  • Love and Evil Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13:5–6

    It is interesting that in addition to some of what we might consider the more “vile” sins in the above passage from Romans, Paul also lists gossip and slander (vv. 29–30). Unfortunately, these sins seem to be some of the most common sins plaguing people in the church. Do you rejoice in hearing unsubstantiated rumors about others, especially church leaders? If you have besmirched another’s reputation through gossip, do what you can to restore it. View Resource

  • Truth and Hope Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13:6-7

    All of us have experienced betrayals in our lives wherein somebody did not keep a promise or otherwise violated our trust. When God calls us to be trusting people, He knows that many will betray us, but that does not give us license to refuse to trust anyone in the future. May we ask God to give us good discernment when it comes to trusting others and to equip us to be trustworthy people ourselves. View Resource

  • Truth and Hope Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13:6–7

    Scripture speaks of hope as an anchor (Heb. 6:19) because it looks forward to the sure promises of our God. Hope is not merely a desire for something that may not come to pass. All the blessings and glory the true and wise God has promised to His people will most certainly come to pass. Therefore, we have no reason to be ashamed. Do you trust the promises of God to finish His good work in you (Phil. 1:6)? Ask Him to help you hope on Him today. View Resource

  • Enduring Love Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13:7

    To speak of suffering as a loving expression of God’s discipline is not to say that there is always a one-to-one correlation between a specific sin we have committed and our trial. Such a correlation may be true in some instances, but God’s discipline is broader than just correcting us for specific sins. He is also teaching us to rely only on Him — to love Him absolutely even when everything may be falling apart around us. View Resource

  • Love Never Ends Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13:7–10

    The suffering God allows us to go through can bring us many opportunities to grow in our effectiveness when ministering to others. Our time spent living with an illness or tragedy can make us better able to share Christ with someone going through the same. Have you viewed your suffering as training for ministry? Ask the Lord to bring people into your life with whom you can identify and to whom you can minister because you have suffered as they have. View Resource