• David’s Final Charge to Israel Devotional

    1 Chronicles 28:1–19

    Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage, “God’s commandments will not be kept without great care.” If we are to obey the Lord, then we must pay close attention to His law. Just as the people of Israel needed exhortation to pay attention and obey, so we also need that exhortation. We will receive it as we study God’s Word and participate in regular corporate worship. View Resource

  • David’s Final Temple Guidance Devotional

    1 Chronicles 28:20–29:9

    To build the temple of God, Jesus made a greater sacrifice than David, giving not merely monies but His very life. We are called to give our lives as well, which may involve a martyr’s death for some of us. More likely, it will involve sacrificially giving of our time, talents, and treasures. Let us generously support the work of the church as Christ builds His kingdom on earth. View Resource