• David’s Census Devotional

    1 Chronicles 21:1–6

    Although it can be hard to understand how God ordains evil to accomplish greater goods, and although we may not know what all of these goods are on this side of eternity, Scripture plainly reveals that the Lord can use anything—even sin—to accomplish His holy purposes. We cannot use this to excuse our sin, but it does give us hope that when people sin against us, the Lord will ultimately work through it for our good and His glory. View Resource

  • The Angel Brings Judgment Devotional

    1 Chronicles 21

    Our culture is accustomed to seeing Jesus as meek and mild; indeed, this is an accurate picture of Him. Yet it is not a full-orbed depiction, for He is also the great Judge to come who will execute God’s wrath upon the impenitent. When sharing the gospel, it is appropriate to warn people that if they will not take upon themselves the gentle yoke of Jesus, they will be subject to His holy wrath. View Resource

  • God’s Devil Devotional

    1 Chronicles 21

    God is much greater than we are, so He is able to do things that we could never do, such as being sovereign over the Devil without ever being guilty of the Devil’s evil. Knowledge of this truth should not only move us to glorify the Lord but also to be confident that every tragedy we meet will serve a good purpose when all is said and done. If you are going through a difficult time, know that God is using it for your good even if you cannot yet see how. View Resource

  • The Temple’s Location Identified Devotional

    1 Chronicles 21:7–22:1

    It is comforting to know that God’s people can rely on His mercy. David trusted in God’s mercy, and the site for the temple was identified. However, while the Lord is merciful, He will discipline His children, as we see in the suffering Israel endured. Sometimes that “discipline seems painful rather than pleasant,” and at those times we must remember that the discipline will finally yield “the peaceful fruit of righteousness” (Heb. 12:11). View Resource