• Yahweh and the Gods of the Peoples Devotional

    1 Chronicles 16:25–26

    As Christians, we should be the most courageous of peoples because we serve the one true God. We need not be afraid of what this world and the servants of other gods can do to us because they cannot win in the end. But those who are on the side of the one true God are secure in Him forever. Let us remember that we serve the only true God and need never fear the enemy. View Resource

  • Ascribing Glory to God Devotional

    1 Chronicles 16:28–34

    We do not design worship for unbelievers but for the glory of God and the edification of His people. However, reverent worship in which we ascribe glory to God will be a testimony to unbelievers of the glory of God. By seeking to worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth according to His Word, we are proclaiming Him to the nations. Our acceptance and participation only in worship that is holy and reverent is a powerful testimony to our neighbors. View Resource

  • The King and His Reign Devotional

    1 Chronicles 16:31

    That God is sovereign over all is a comforting truth that we must never forget in these difficult days. As we see many apostatize because of economic catastrophes, wars, natural disasters, and more, let us remember that none of these things is happening apart from the sovereign will of God. We do not resign ourselves and do nothing in the face of such things, but we know that the Lord works even in these for our good and His glory. View Resource