What Scriptures can a Christian wife and mother use as guidelines for her responsibilities and duties?

First of all, you are a human being, and you’re a person who’s been claimed by Christ. You are in the kingdom, so the Scriptures you use to learn of your responsibilities and duties before God start at Genesis 1:1 and end with the last verse in the book of Revelation. All of the Word of God is to instruct you in terms of your duties and responsibilities. It’s absolutely vital that Christians learn to live by principles and that those principles come to us from the Scriptures. The basic principles of life apply to us whatever our situation is, whether it’s wife or husband, mother or father, or single.

The book of Ephesians sets forth some specific responsibilities for a wife in her marital relationship and also in her parental responsibilities.

One of the most famous and controversial verses is the command that God gives through the apostle Paul for wives to be subject to their husbands. That has created quite a lot of debate and also a lot of misunderstanding. Sometimes qualifiers for general principles are given to us in other Scriptures. For example, the Bible tells us that we’re all responsible to obey the civil magistrates, but there are occasions when a Christian not only may disobey but must disobey the civil magistrates, as the apostles did when the Sanhedrin forbade them to preach the gospel. The apostle asked whether we should obey man or God. Anytime a husband commands a wife to do something that God forbids or does not allow her to do something that God commands, not only may that wife refuse to be in submission to her husband but she must disobey him. She first of all has her own responsibility to live her life before God. That text in Ephesians should never be used as a license for men to tyrannize their wives. We know that some men have taken that text and used it to beat women down and try to bring them into a slavish obedience to themselves, something the text never intended.

Also, Proverbs 31 gives you a great view of the entrepreneurial woman.

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