What book of the Bible can I study to help me in evangelism or apologetics?

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The gospel of John will help you with evangelism and apologetics. Toward the end of his gospel, John says, “These things have been written so that you may believe” (John 20:31).

Read John, and here’s what you will find: You will find characters all over the map. You will find fishermen. You will find Roman soldiers. All of them are being confronted by Jesus, and all of them are forced to answer a question: “Who is Jesus and what are you going to do about it?” As you read John, you will see how Jesus interacts with folks, how the disciples interact with folks, and how they present the testimony of who Jesus is. You will learn plenty of ways to present the gospel. You will know who Christ is and what He has done. Just remember this: “These things are written so that you may believe.” So, that is an easy one, the gospel of John.

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