• When should I leave a church?

    SPROUL: Along with the question of when should you leave the church, another thing I would say is that there are times when you may leave the church where it’s not absolutely necessary to leave the church, and there are …Read More

  • As a layperson, should I try to “reform” my church? Or should I leave?

    Those are not always easy questions, so I would not draw a hard line. I think this is a James 1:5 matter where you are going to have to ask God for wisdom. I would affirm that there are times …Read More

  • How can I commune more closely with God?

    I believe, as I’ve said to a question or two before, that prayer is vital to drawing near to God. I believe Bible intake—reading it, meditating on it, studying it, memorizing it—is vital to drawing closer to God. I also …Read More

  • How can we encourage our leaders in the church?

    Firstly, it’s good for the church to encourage their elders. Elders need encouragement. The Bible, in fact, commands God’s people to encourage their elders, to respect them, and to show them honor (1 Thess. 5:12–13; 1 Tim. 5:17). But people …Read More

  • Why should I become a formal church member?

    By however a church does it, and churches do it in different ways, what we are actually doing by becoming a formal member is saying “I’m committing myself to you. I’m committing myself to the Lord, and I’m committing myself …Read More