• Should the gospel be heard with joy or with dread?

    The good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ is indeed good news about salvation, but it addresses the bad news of our sin and our guilt before God. There is a sense in which the good news, the glad …Read More

  • How can I obtain eternal life?

    SPROUL: The obtaining of eternal life is simple: we put our trust in Christ and in Christ alone for our salvation. Everyone who puts their trust in Christ alone, as the Bible promises, as Jesus promises, has life eternal (John …Read More

  • If you believe in Arminian doctrine, can you be saved?

    That’s a great question that was asked of William Ames at the Synod of Dort. I’ve written a book on the Synod of Dort in which I talk about William Ames. He was a great English Puritan who had to …Read More

  • What is the gospel?

    SPROUL: When I would teach in the doctor of ministry program and I’d have the clergy in there, I would ask them to define the gospel. And if I got ten percent of them to give an adequate answer to …Read More