• Christ Our Ransom Devotional

    Mark 10:35–45

    Jesus ransoms us from the wrath of God, which means that we never need fear His condemnation if we trust in Christ alone for our salvation. In ransoming us from God’s wrath, our Savior also rescues us from bondage to sin and Satan. That means that we are no longer compelled to sin but may please the Lord through our love of God and neighbor. As Christians, let us live out the reality that we are in Christ, daily turning from sin and walking in His ways by the power of the Spirit. View Resource

  • Judgments on the Nations Devotional

    Amos 1:2-2:3

    Unlike the ancient Ammonites, the pro-abortion people in the modern West do not advocate killing pregnant women (though women die every year from allegedly “safe” abortions). Still, because pro-abortion people advocate murdering unborn people made in God’s image, they are guilty of great evil and ask for the end of their nation, for the Lord will not forever abide countries who tolerate such evil. May we all work to end the scourge of abortion on demand. View Resource

  • The Wrath of God’s Son Devotional

    John 2:13–17

    Getting angry without sinning is hard for us to do as fallen creatures, but Jesus’ example shows us that it is possible. We should feel a righteous anger when we see the worship of God defiled, and it should motivate us to righteous action and to pray for the souls of those who do not treat the Lord with reverence. If we feel no anger at all when we witness false worship of our Creator, then we must ask Him to create in us a zeal for His praise on the earth. View Resource

  • The Son’s Anger Devotional

    Revelation 14:14–20

    A day is coming when all people will bow before Christ Jesus. At that point, His reign, which is a reality now, will be made completely visible. On that day, some will rejoice to see the return of the King, and no one will need to tell them to bow. Others will remain firm in their hatred of the universe’s rightful Ruler. Nevertheless, they will be forced to kneel. Jesus is as surely the King now as He will be on that final day, so let us serve Him with gladness today. View Resource

  • God’s Furious Anger Devotional

    Psalm 7:11–13

    As Christians, we are privileged to be under the eternal mercy and grace of God, not His wrath. Like those who never repent, we do not deserve to escape His wrath, for we have nothing in ourselves to make us worthy of God’s favor. But if God has brought us into a saving relationship with Jesus, we never need fear the Lord’s wrath again. He is our heavenly Father who welcomes us with open arms in Christ and lovingly disciplines us to conform us to the image of His Son. View Resource

  • Cursed and Forsaken Devotional

    Matthew 27:45–50

    The darkness over the land in the three hours before Jesus dies (Matt. 27:45) is a sign of God’s anger at those who kill His Son as well as the curse upon humanity. “The darkness [cries] out against the blackness of our sin and [testifies] to the tremendous cost to God of our redemption” (James Boice, The Gospel According to Matthew, vol. 2, p. 623). Let us never take for granted the high price of the curse Jesus took in our place. View Resource

  • Mocked and Beaten Devotional

    Matthew 27:27–31

    The Christian faith is derided in many circles, and many professing believers throughout history have been tempted to play down the offense of the gospel or work hard to show the world that Christians are not as “uncool” as they seem. But while we must take care not to offend others with rude demeanors, we must also not accommodate ourselves to the world’s values. If Christ was beaten and killed, can we not, by His Spirit, endure the mocking of the world? View Resource

  • The Wrath of God’s Son Devotional

    John 2:13-17

    Today’s study helps us understand there are two things that make God especially angry. First, the merchants blocked the Gentiles from learning about and worshiping the Lord, and today we can legalistically impose regulations not found in Scripture that can inhibit the spread of the Gospel. Second, God will not countenance any who exploit or overlook the needs of the poor. May we enjoy freedom in Christ, help the poor, and thereby please our Father. View Resource

  • The Great Separation Devotional

    Matthew 25:31–46

    If we must give an account to God for our careless words, then surely we should seek to be more careful with the words we speak to others (Matt. 12:36–37). Knowing that the Lord is just should make us aware of how we live, for God will not overlook any transgression. As believers, we are saved from His wrath, but we still must be thoughtful about our speech (James 3). Consider your words and try to say only those things that are pleasing to God. View Resource

  • Salvation from the Old Evils Devotional

    Luke 1:76-77

    The popular myth about God is that He is all love and no wrath. Such a “god” is a mere idol. The God of the Bible, before whom we shall all stand, is righteous, and does not tolerate sin. Open your ears this week and notice how often you hear God mentioned. Is He the righteous God of the Bible or an idol? View Resource