• The Common End of Man and Beast Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 3:18–22

    Knowing that we will die just like the beasts, when viewed in the proper context, frees us not to take ourselves too seriously. Death is the great leveler, bringing the end to influence of king and commoner alike. This does not negate the importance of our decisions for eternity, but it does help us gain perspective on our successes and failures. Our mistakes will not derail God’s plan, and our successes should be enjoyed as gifts of the Lord on this side of eternity. View Resource

  • What Christ Did through Paul Devotional

    Romans 15:17–19

    We can take godly pride in serving the Lord successfully when we recognize that we have been only instruments in the Lord’s hand, instruments of His work and not ultimately the workers ourselves. Because we are God’s instruments, our goal is to be faithful. He produces fruit through us; we do not give the growth (1 Cor. 3:6). We live faithfully by working hard unto the God and by trusting Him to accomplish His purposes, and not trusting in our efforts. View Resource