• Increasing Wealth Devotional

    Proverbs 13:11

    As today’s passage indicates, the Bible does not frown upon the gathering of wealth, but only improper means of gaining it. In fact, Proverbs 13:11 indicates that the honest gaining of wealth is something to which we should aspire. What Scripture forbids is the love of money and dishonest means of earning it. Let us ask God to help us not fall prey to such love, to unethical ways of earning a living, or to get-rich-quick schemes. View Resource

  • God’s Omnipotent Grace Devotional

    Matthew 19:25–26

    James Boice writes: “The only way anyone will ever be saved is if God operates entirely apart from us and for his own good pleasure” (The Gospel According to Matthew, vol. 2, p. 410). We are tempted to look at our own efforts for our salvation and to believe that all “good people” will be saved, no matter their religious affiliation. It is therefore vital to constantly remind ourselves that none of us would love and serve God apart from His grace. View Resource

  • The Trouble with Riches Devotional

    Matthew 19:23–24

    John Calvin writes that Jesus’ proverb “is highly useful to all; to the rich, that, being warned of their danger, they may be on their guard; to the poor, that, satisfied with their lot, they may not so eagerly desire what would bring more damage than gain.” Even if we do not hold vast riches, our culture tempts us to believe that the pursuit of wealth (otherwise known as “upward mobility”)is the be-all and end-all of life. May we never believe this soul-damning lie. View Resource

  • The Building of Wealth Devotional

    Romans 7:4

    We must always be wary of the temptation to seek security in our wealth, for it is the fool who trusts in his riches (Prov. 11:28). Nevertheless, it is not inherently sinful to be wealthy or to make a profit. In fact, we should seek to be profitable and productive so that we may be able to better support the work of the kingdom. Take some time today to look at your personal budget and try to find ways to use more of your money for the sake of the Gospel. View Resource

  • Reasons for Poverty Devotional

    Deuteronomy 15:11

    Consider your attitude to the poor today. Do you assume all poor people are lazy? Are you sensitive to those who have become impoverished due to a calamity and then seek to meet their needs? Also consider where your chief concerns lie. Are you so concerned with earning a bigger paycheck that you neglect possibilities to use your gifts for the kingdom because you may suffer a loss in income? Give generously to the poor and eagerly serve the kingdom. View Resource

  • Rich Oppressors Devotional

    James 5:1–6

    Most wealthy Christians would probably not be guilty of withholding pay from their employees. However, there are many other ways in which wealth can be misused. For example, it is possible to sin by living to the full extent of one’s means without helping to contribute to the spread of the Gospel. Whether or not you have great wealth, ask the Lord to show you how your resources can be used for His kingdom and begin taking steps to follow His direction. View Resource

  • No Partiality Devotional

    James 2:1–4

    In today’s passage, we see the high Christology of James who refers to Jesus as the “Lord of glory” (v. 1). His glory is that which is to be esteemed above all else in the church. Thus there is no place for favoring any one class of believers over another. Do you show partiality to the wealthy Christians in your church? As far as you are able, do what you can to ensure that you and your church treat rich and poor believers equally. View Resource

  • Proper Boasting Devotional

    James 1:9–11

    Without faith, we could never boast in our position in Christ. Rather, we would find other things, economic or not, in which to boast. Poverty and wealth are both trials that the Lord may send our way (James 1:2), trials that we must view properly from the perspective of faith. Whatever your economic situation, go before the Lord today, and ask Him where your boasting lies. Then, begin to allot your resources in a manner that reflects your boast in His kingdom. View Resource

  • The Power of Riches Devotional

    Mark 10:17-22

    This man claimed to want eternal life and was willing to do much to gain it. But he wanted his wealth even more. Enjoy your earthly blessings, but guard your heart against the siren call of materialism and wealth. Accept by faith Jesus’ promise that treasure in heaven is far more valuable than anything this earth can afford us. View Resource

  • Lust for Material Wealth Devotional

    Isaiah 23

    Take stock of how you see your possessions. Do you see your wealth (even if it is not as great as others) as a temporary gift from God for His glory? Are you ambitious for riches? If so, confess this to God today and ask Him to help you remain humble regarding everything that you have. Memorize Luke 12:15. View Resource

  • The Generous Soul Devotional

    Proverbs 19

    Do something for the poor either through your church or a ministry to the poor, or on your own initiative. Take some clothes to a shelter or some food to a soup kitchen. Give money to a ministry. Offer your time to serve others who need help. If you have children, get them involved. Commit long term to this. View Resource

  • Honor and Poverty Devotional

    Proverbs 16:19

    What kind of person impresses you? This week, take note of those people who capture your attention or impress you. What are they like? Are you attracted to their intelligence, appearance, position, etc.? If you do not respect others for their godliness, no matter whether they are poor, confess your arrogance to God. View Resource

  • Trusting in Riches Devotional

    Proverbs 10:15

    Read Matthew 19:16–30. Why would the young man not follow Christ? Why is wealth such a trap for so many people? Be specific in your answer. In what ways do you put your trust in money instead of Christ? What practical steps can you take to rid yourself of this unhealthy dependence? What do you need to give up for Christ? View Resource

  • The Pursuit of Riches Devotional

    Proverbs 28:20

    Read Proverbs 30:7–11 and Matthew 6:9–13 and consider these two prayers in light of today’s lesson. Do your desires reflect those of Agur and of Christ? Are you satisfied with what God has given you? Do you covet when others have more? Do you pursue riches? Confess any covetousness you have or any ambition for wealth. View Resource