• Bearing with the Weak Devotional

    Romans 15:1–3

    As servants of Jesus, we are not greater than our Master. In serving others, bearing God’s wrath to atone for our sin, He endured unimaginable suffering. We will “suffer” as well when we have to refrain from exercising the full extent of our freedom in Christ as we serve others. At such times we should look away from ourselves to our Savior, asking for Him to sustain us when we must bear with the scruples of others, praying that by our doing so they will grow to Christian maturity. View Resource

  • The Weak in Faith Devotional

    Romans 14:1

    John Calvin comments, “They who are strong should spend their labor in assisting the weak, and that they who have made the greatest advances should bear with the more ignorant. For God, by making us stronger than others, does not bestow strength that we may oppress the weak.” As a general rule, mature Christians are to be extraordinarily patient with immature believers, putting up with their misunderstandings and other growing pains as they aim for maturity in the Lord. View Resource