• The Lamb and His Tribes Devotional

    Revelation 7

    The prophets looked forward to the day when the Gentiles would worship Abraham’s Lord. However, the prophets did not understand this fully (Eph.3:4–6), nor did they see that these Gentiles would be the ones in God’s kingdom used to draw Abraham’s physical sons back to Him. All who believe in Jesus are heirs of the promise; there are no second-class citizens in His kingdom. The Father has adopted you as His own child if you believe in Christ. View Resource

  • Restoration in the North Devotional

    Matthew 4:12–17

    The restoration of Israel will be much greater than we could have anticipated. God’s people will include not only those physical sons of Abraham who have faith in Jesus the Messiah but also Gentiles who trust in Him. Both groups have equal status in the kingdom. As we do the work of missions and evangelism, the Lord uses us to preach the Gospel so that all creation, including God’s elect, might be restored. Are you supporting your church’s outreach to the lost? View Resource