• No Fear of God Devotional

    Romans 3:18

    Proclaiming that no human being in Adam—including the most outwardly pious—has the fear of the Lord before his eyes is unlikely to win us any more friends than it did the Apostle Paul and the other early Christians. That does not mean we should shy away from this proclamation. And we should expect it to find a hearing among some, for no matter how much they deny it, all people know that they have not feared the Lord as they ought. View Resource

  • Ruin, Misery, and Bloodshed Devotional

    Romans 3:15–17

    Although there is a decisive break with our past lives at conversion so that the power of sin is broken, the gospel is not something we need only at that point. As we continue to sin and shed blood through hating others, we are in continual need of forgiveness and the reminder that we still fall short of God’s glory. Repent this day over ungodly anger and hatred and confess your ongoing need for the perfect righteousness of Christ. View Resource

  • The Mouths of Sinners Devotional

    Romans 3:12–14

    The degradation of a culture is clearly seen in the kind of language it tolerates about other people and even about God Himself. We are living in a society that is increasingly vulgar and whose corruption threatens even those who have been called out of darkness into the Lord’s marvelous light. If we follow Christ, we must be careful with our speech. If we show no desire to edify others and honor God with our lips, we may still be in Adam and not in Christ. View Resource

  • Without Excuse Devotional

    Romans 2:1–2

    Regardless of whether we are Jews by birth, we can all recognize the truth of Paul’s words from our own experience. If we are honest, we see how often we judge others for the very same sins that we practice ourselves. The solution is not to stop judging altogether, but to see that our own judgment means that we cannot be excused for our sin before God. Thus, we must run to the gospel and be careful to apply to ourselves the same standards by which we judge others. View Resource