• Made for Eternity Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 3:11

    Those who do not know the Lord are driven to despair by the finitude of humanity because they find no hope for making sense of it all. Believers, however, are driven to humility. We grow ever more content that while we cannot understand comprehensively, we can understand truly and can rejoice in the particulars that the Lord has revealed. We realize that there are some things that only God can know, and we are happy to let Him be God and to let ourselves be creatures. View Resource

  • A Time for Everything Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 3:1–8

    There is a time for every season and purpose under heaven because the Lord determines it. Our lives and our world are not controlled by some impersonal fate but by the gracious God who has a plan that extends even to what we might consider the most insignificant things in the world. He works out all things according to the purpose of His will (Eph. 1:11), and we can rest knowing that nothing takes Him by surprise or throws Him off course. View Resource