• They Hid Themselves Devotional

    Genesis 3:8

    How do you respond when you sin? Do you cling to the promises of Jesus for forgiveness or do you vainly seek to hide from Him? Perhaps you try to save yourself by minimizing your sin or by doing good works — not out of gratitude to God but in hope they will outweigh your bad deeds? Think of a sin for which you have not repented. Confess it before the Lord and ask His forgiveness. If you have offended another, go and apologize. View Resource

  • The Forbidden Fruit Devotional

    Genesis 3:1b-5

    Do you believe in what God has revealed to us? Do you take Him at His word when He tells us He is good and that He never lies (Num. 23:19)? Or do you let your own “knowledge” or experience lead you to embrace disbelief? Perhaps you imply you doubt by not following all of His commandments? Consider an area of your life where you have not lived according to God’s Word. Repent and show you believe in Him by walking in obedience today. View Resource