• The Temptation of Jesus Devotional

    Matthew 4:1–11

    Because Jesus successfully passed His temptation, He was qualified to be the second Adam and merit a righteous status for us in the eyes of God. We cannot be the second Adam, but we can learn from Jesus’ interaction with the devil how to defeat sin in our own life. Knowing and believing the Word of God is the most effective way to avoid sin and grow in holiness. Let us know Scripture well that we might stand firm against Satan. View Resource

  • The Sixth Petition Devotional

    1 Corinthians 10:13

    Today’s study is based on question and answer 127 of the Heidelberg Catechism, which reminds us that the world, the flesh, and the Devil “never stop attacking us.” Until we are glorified, there is no point at which we can lay down our arms, no point at which our Enemy establishes a truce that he will honor. Therefore, we must keep in mind our absolute dependence on God for resisting temptation, and we are wise to pray for His deliverance from evil in all things. View Resource

  • The Gifts God Gives Devotional

    James 1:12-18

    James focuses here on one excuse we may use to rationalize our sin. We are not only practiced sinners but practiced rationalizers. We do not hesitate to blame our environment or genetics or the sovereignty of God. Some even claim, “The devil made me do it.” Take responsibility for your sin. Only then can you truly repent. View Resource

  • Building Amidst Opposition Devotional

    Nehemiah 2

    Dr. Sproul notes that one of the hardest costs to bear for following Jesus in the modern West is the scorn and ridicule encountered from an unbelieving world. This is the kind of opposition that we are most apt to get in the United States today, and the temptation will always be to change our message so that this scorn goes away. May we never succumb to this temptation, faithfully declaring the gospel of Christ in all generations. View Resource

  • Seduction Resisted Devotional

    Genesis 39

    Sin can destroy relationships, lead to illness, and make our lives this side of eternity miserable. For many, a deterrent to sin is fear — fear that God will zap them when they sin. Instead of law, however, the gospel provides a much better motivation. Out of Iove for God and neighbor, the Christian runs to God in prayer, contemplating the great sacrificial love of Christ, and, empowered by His Spirit, seeks to refrain from sin in order to please Him. View Resource

  • Jesus Overcomes Satan Devotional

    Matthew 4:8–11

    Matthew Henry comments that “the best of saints may be tempted to the worst of sins.” Though Jesus never sinned, Satan left the worst temptation of all for last — blatant idolatry. If our Lord faced such a test, we too cannot be surprised if we are tempted to do the worst. But take heart, for Jesus can strengthen us to defeat the enemy. When tempted, run to Him in prayer and study His Word so that you can resist the Devil. View Resource

  • Israel’s Failure Undone Devotional

    Matthew 4:5–7

    Dr. R.C. Sproul has said that God does not speak with a forked tongue — He cannot lie or contradict Himself. Jesus refuses to accept an interpretation of one passage that contradicts another. As we study the Bible we should be looking for ways to harmonize its teaching on various subjects. Make sure to let the clear parts of Scripture determine the interpretation of those parts that are less clear so that you will not create contradictions where none exist. View Resource

  • Christ Embraces His Mission Devotional

    Matthew 4:2–4

    Matthew Henry comments, “Lack and poverty are a great temptation to discontent and unbelief, and the use of unlawful means for our relief, under the pretence that necessity has no law.” Despite His hunger pains, our Lord chose the food of His Father and embraced His mission of suffering. Let us follow Him and not let a potential loss of money or fame prevent us from embracing the mission of service He has given to us View Resource

  • The Last Adam Devotional

    Matthew 4:1

    Matthew Henry captures the significance of the temptation of Jesus, commenting on today’s passage that “the offspring of the woman suffers, being tempted, and so has his heel bruised, but the serpent is quite baffled in his temptations, and so has his head crushed.” Though we look to our Lord as a model for overcoming temptation, let us remember it is His success, not ours, that enables us to stand before God. Worship Him for this amazing grace! View Resource

  • Resisting Temptation Devotional

    Genesis 39:6b-10

    Today’s passage is a good model for dealing with temptation. Matthew Henry says Joseph “would not wrong his master. He would not offend his God. This is the chief argument with which he strengthens his aversion to the sin.” When tempted to sin, we should first remind ourselves that evil offends the Lord. Yet we should also consider how the act might hurt another person in order to motivate ourselves to refrain from sin and the harm it does to other people. View Resource

  • Resist the Devil Devotional

    James 4:7–8

    All Christians can find at least one area in their lives in which they have sought to follow their own understanding instead of the standards of the Lord. God has promised to forgive us for this behavior if we would but draw near to Him. Go before the Lord today in the confidence we have to enter His presence, asking for His forgiveness (Heb. 10:19–22). Find a friend who will hold you accountable for going before God in prayer and who can help you resist the devil. View Resource

  • Temptation’s Source Devotional

    James 1:13–15

    God is never responsible for the evil in this world or the temptations that may produce it. He may ordain evil for the purposes of His good plan, but all wickedness that comes about is from the evil inclinations of secondary agents and is not caused by God. Look at the struggles that you are facing, and ask yourself whether you have blamed God for evil or if you think He is tempting you to sin. If so, repent of such an attitude as you meditate on today’s verses. View Resource

  • Sympathetic to Weakness Devotional

    Hebrews 4:15

    Some theologians portray Christ’s sympathy with His people as weak and ineffectual. Though Christ may feel what we feel (insofar as our emotions are not sinful), He does not merely stand beside us whimpering and weighed down by emotion. Rather, He can and will raise us up into newness of life and rejuvenate our emotions when we go to Him. View Resource

  • Guard Your Hearts Devotional

    Hebrews 3:12

    The Scriptures are the very words of the living God. However, apart from faith in the Messiah and illumination by the Holy Spirit, our hearts only become harder. When you study the Bible, ask the Holy Spirit to help you guard your heart, to increase your faith in Christ Jesus, and to teach you God’s will through His Word. View Resource

  • Helping the Tempted Devotional

    Hebrews 2:18

    Christ never sinned in any way, shape, or form — nor could He. His faithfulness even unto death means that we can receive salvation. It also means that we can overcome temptation even before we see Him in glory. Remember that Christ is able to help you in temptation and will enable you to overcome sin if you rely on Him. View Resource