• The Founder of Salvation Devotional

    Hebrews 2:10

    The Bible teaches us that Jesus is our Prophet, Priest, and King. Sadly, many do not confess Christ because they do not understand that a suffering priest is required for their redemption. Reflect on Jesus’ priestly suffering and ask the Holy Spirit to make you continually aware of your need for this work. View Resource

  • Sheep for the Slaughter Devotional

    Psalm 44

    Read 1 Peter 2:20–21; 4:12–16; 5:10. Have you ever suffered for Christ’s sake? What promise has God given His people regarding suffering? If you must suffer, strive to suffer not for wrong doing but for righteousness’ sake. When this happens, thank God for giving you the honor of suffering with Christ. View Resource

  • Suffering in the Spirit Devotional

    Romans 8:18–30

    How long has it been since you experienced any of the groaning Paul refers to in Romans 7 and 8? Is it possible that you have allowed your conscience to become hardened to your own waywardness? Ask the Lord to search your heart, and make you sensitive to your own failures, and more desperate for His grace. View Resource

  • The Kingdom Paradox Devotional

    2 Corinthians 4:7–15

    Jesus asked that the cup of suffering pass Him by. We are never to seek suffering. It is God who brings suffering upon us. When it comes, however, could it be that God is allowing us to take someone else’s pain, that they may have the strength to serve Him? Such a thought comforted Paul; it may comfort you as well. View Resource

  • In the Midst of Suffering Devotional

    James 5:1–12

    Look back over the book of James. Notice how he weaves together the themes of suffering and the tongue. Observe how he brings them together. Consider carefully what this means and what changes you should make in your life. Recommit yourself to simple honesty. View Resource