• The Vindicated Sufferer Devotional

    Isaiah 53:10–12

    If we are not careful, we will miss what is perhaps the most beautiful truth taught in Isaiah 53: the Messiah does not fail to save His people. He actually and fully saves them from first to last. Isaiah will have none of the idea that the atonement merely makes salvation potential; he agrees that it makes salvation actual and permanent for the elect. That is glorious. Calvin writes, “Men are not only taught righteousness in the school of Christ, but are actually justified.” View Resource

  • The Willing Sufferer Devotional

    Isaiah 53:4–9

    Born in Adam, we are God’s enemies as long as we remain in Adam and are unwilling to obey Him. This disobedience must be atoned for, but only willing obedience can cover disobedience. When the Messiah went to the cross, He did so willingly in an act that capped a life of perfect righteousness, which now covers His people. If you trust in Christ alone, you must not regard yourself as God’s enemy any longer, for you are reconciled to the Father in Christ Jesus. View Resource

  • The Suffering Servant Devotional

    Isaiah 52:13–53:3

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage as to why salvation through the Suffering Servant is so despised the world over: “The loftiness of the mystery is a reason why it scarcely obtains credit in the world. It is reckoned to be folly, because it exceeds all human capacities.” Achieving exaltation through suffering is a strange thing indeed. It is foolishness in our way of doing things, but it is wisdom in God’s economy. We should never diminish the scandal of the cross. View Resource

  • The Servant of the Lord Devotional

    Isaiah 49:1–7

    In one sense, the ministry of the Suffering Servant is very simple — to call the people of God to repentance that the whole world might see Yahweh’s salvation. Today, the Suffering Servant continues to call His people to repent and trust in the promises of God through Him, not only at our conversion but throughout our entire lives. Let us be faithful to His call to repent, that we might be counted members of His body, the church. View Resource

  • The Resurrection Predicted Devotional

    Matthew 17:22–23

    Many Christians do not think about the future resurrection, assuming that we will live forever in heaven as spirits without a body. Yet this is not the Bible’s picture of our final state. Though there is an intermediate state in which the believer dwells with God before the last judgment, Scripture says that we will have renewed bodies in a new heaven and earth (Rev. 21). Christianity does not believe the body was created evil; it looks forward to its full restoration View Resource

  • Willing to Die Devotional

    Matthew 16:24–28

    We still wait for the visible, bodily presence of Christ, but that does not mean the kingdom is not present at all right now. Though its fullness has not yet been realized, the kingdom has come, and, indeed, it continues to come as lives are transformed by the power of the Spirit. Our Savior has kept His promise that the apostles would taste the kingdom before their deaths, and today we too taste God’s kingdom in our lives. Look for it to bear fruit in you today. View Resource

  • The Savior’s Healing Touch Devotional

    Matthew 8:14–17

    Dr. John MacArthur writes: “In eternity, all sickness will be removed, so ultimately, healing is included in the benefits of the atonement” (The MacArthur Bible Commentary, p. 825). We have no right to expect that all our illnesses will be healed in this present age, only in the eternal state will Christ’s work be fully applied and all disease gone. Still, we should pray for the sick knowing that our God may bring healing if we ask in faith and trust in His good purposes View Resource