• Bow to the King Devotional

    1 Samuel 8

    Man might think he can replace God as master, but the Lord reigns whether or not we ever acknowledge His sovereignty. Furthermore, while sinners may assume they can reject God with impunity, Yahweh will not forever tolerate those who defy His standards. History bears witness to the deadly consequences for those societies that turn from God. Take time today to pray for your politicians to submit to the Lord, and pray also for a great revival in your land. View Resource

  • The Bride and Her Husband Devotional

    Ephesians 5:22-33

    Jesus certainly loves us individually and justifies us via our personal faith in Him. However, the relationship between Christ and His bride is a relationship between the sovereign Lord and a corporate body. Jesus loves a people as His bride, and, consequently, we cannot be joined to Him as the one for whom He died if we have no love for His wife. Scripture knows nothing of the lone-ranger Christian who is uncommitted to the church. View Resource

  • Christ, the Husband of His Church Devotional

    Ephesians 5:31–32

    Husbands, your calling is to pursue your wives in love to the ends of the earth. Single men, your calling is to become the kind of men who, should you get married one day, will love your wives in a way that serves their needs. Wives, your calling is to pray for your husbands, that they might love you in this manner, and to do all you can to make it easy for them to love you. Single women, your calling is to become godly women whom godly men yearn to love. View Resource

  • Husbands, Wives, and Children Devotional

    Colossians 3:18-21

    Paul expands on male and female roles in Ephesians, and our study of that book in a few months will look at this topic in more detail. Today, note that submission need not mean some household chores belong exclusively to wives and others to husbands. One commentator notes that proper interpretation of Scripture’s view of marital roles does not sound “like we are leading a march back to the gender caste system of the first century.” View Resource

  • Loving One’s Wife Devotional

    Ephesians 5:25

    We may easily deceive ourselves and think that we are not obligated to fulfill our marital roles simply because our spouses are not fulfilling theirs. But God calls us to be faithful to our own callings, not those given to others, and He gives us the church to help us love our wives and submit to our husbands. Let us not look for loopholes that would make the hard portions of God’s will less demanding but rather follow Him in the power of the Spirit. View Resource

  • The Model of Christ’s Love Devotional

    Ephesians 5:26–27

    The husband is called to be the spiritual leader of his home, which requires that he take the initiative in family worship, helping his wife and children learn the things of God, and much more. This should be the primary focus of his leadership — doing whatever he can to further the sanctification of his wife and children. Husbands, are you taking the lead in spiritual matters and directing your families to glorify God? View Resource

  • One Final Test Devotional

    Genesis 44:1–2

    The Lord our God puts us to the test so that we may reveal to others the true commitments of our hearts. Certainly, God knows in advance the outcome of any test that He gives us, but we are not to dwell on this truth. Instead, we should seek His aid that we might show our submission to His will and pass any test He sends our way. Today you will face the choice to trust and follow Christ or sin against Him. Lean on the Holy Spirit and by God’s grace you will pass this test. View Resource

  • You Who Are Younger Devotional

    1 Peter 5:5

    Are you submissive to the elders in the church? Do you follow their leadership even when they do something you do not like, or do you seek opportunities to undermine their authority? Do you pretend to find sin in all they do so that you do not have to follow them? What about your relationships with others in the church? Do you treat others with humble love or look down upon fellow Christians? Find a way to serve both your elders and others with humility today. View Resource