• How to Be a Good Steward Devotional

    Malachi 3:8–12

    We want to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Savior, but our growth will be hindered if we study the Bible all day yet do not bring our tithes and offerings to the Lord. How can we improve in our giving? One practical way is to make and live on a budget, which is wise even on an earthly level. Yet budgeting is also a great thing to do from a heavenly perspective because it helps us see how we can give more abundantly to God’s work. Let us steward our time and money to His glory. View Resource

  • Using Time Well Devotional

    Ephesians 5:15-16

    John Chrysostom reminds us that “the times do not belong to you” (ACCN T 8, p. 180). Even the hours of the day are not ours but are entrusted to us for wise stewardship. Let us therefore be careful with our time, endeavoring to serve the Lord well through efficient and effective service to our earthly supervisors. May we also seek to make the most of every opportunity to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth. View Resource

  • Paul’s Stewardship Devotional

    Ephesians 3:2

    Greatness in the kingdom of God is not measured by how many people serve us but in how we serve others. Yet using our gifts to benefit others is not always easy, and we need divine grace to sustain us in our ministry. Let us not seek to serve other believers in our own power, but let us rely absolutely on our ever-present Lord to strengthen and guide us as we serve others. View Resource

  • The Test of Personal Hardship Devotional

    Nehemiah 5:1-13

    God does not need our money and time to advance His kingdom, but He has chosen these means to help support the kingdom’s extension to the ends of the earth. He has called us to give of ourselves as a test of our obedience and to prove that we value Him more than silver or gold. May we be faithful to His call, believing that He will supply all of our needs in accordance with His love for us. View Resource

  • Giving and Receiving Devotional

    Proverbs 11:24-26

    The honest production and sale of needed resources is an honorable way to meet the needs of others, and it therefore can bring with it a blessing. Giving away portions of our income to feed the hungry and support the work of the church can also bring with it a blessing. If we would maximize the divine blessings in our lives, then we should be looking for creative ways to give to others and provide for them what they cannot provide for themselves. View Resource

  • Giving with Discretion Devotional

    Matthew 6:1–4

    Augustine says, “The praise of others need not even be sought by one who acts rightly” (Sermon on the Mount, 2.2.5). Keeping track of our giving is not inconsistent with the Lord’s admonition that we do not let our right hand know what the left one is doing. Yet we are not to keep track so that we may show others just how good we are. As you give your money to the poor, ask yourself if you desire the praise of men more than God’s commendation. View Resource

  • Lust for Material Wealth Devotional

    Isaiah 23

    Take stock of how you see your possessions. Do you see your wealth (even if it is not as great as others) as a temporary gift from God for His glory? Are you ambitious for riches? If so, confess this to God today and ask Him to help you remain humble regarding everything that you have. Memorize Luke 12:15. View Resource

  • Equality and Diversity Devotional

    Proverbs 22:2

    What culturally dominant political and social philosophies try to undermine God’s order in society? What happens to a society when you treat everyone as if they were equal in every respect? Examine your own belief system for any attempts to equalize humanity rather than an acceptance of God’s established order. View Resource

  • The Generous Soul Devotional

    Proverbs 19

    Do something for the poor either through your church or a ministry to the poor, or on your own initiative. Take some clothes to a shelter or some food to a soup kitchen. Give money to a ministry. Offer your time to serve others who need help. If you have children, get them involved. Commit long term to this. View Resource

  • A Time of Crisis Devotional

    Acts 5:1–16

    Those who sold their property showed their trust in Jesus’ words, while those who bought and/or hoarded it did not. While we are not called to act out such drastic steps, we are called to learn from what is recorded in Acts. What can you learn from this about the property and resources God has entrusted to you? View Resource