• The Reign of Grace Devotional

    Romans 5:20–21

    Paul has more to say about the law that we will consider in due time. Today, we note that the law is not contrary to grace but allows us to see it more plainly. For justification, the law multiplies transgression, revealing it for what it is and driving us to Christ for the righteousness that alone can justify us. Where the law shows the gravity of sin, the awesome grace of God is seen in contrast. As the law shows sin’s darkness, we rejoice that the light of God’s mercy and grace overcomes evil. View Resource

  • For Abraham’s Sake and Ours Devotional

    Romans 4:22–25

    As sinners, we regularly overlook the faults and transgressions of others. We know that no sinner is perfect, and so we are often willing to give people a pass when they do the very same misdeeds of which we ourselves are guilty. Yet, we err when we project this same attitude onto God. He demands absolute perfection, and the good news of the gospel is that Christ has met our need for perfection and that we benefit from His work through faith alone. View Resource

  • Not by Works of the Law Devotional

    Galatians 2:15–16

    We see people doing good things every day — loving their children, caring for elderly parents, giving money to cancer research, and so on. Nevertheless, even the best deeds of sinners are insufficient in God’s sight. Even if unregenerate people were able to do deeds that are truly good (and they cannot), such deeds would not make up for even their “minor” sins. We can appreciate the outwardly good deeds of unbelievers, but they must still believe the gospel to be justified. View Resource

  • Faith Alone Devotional

    Galatians 2:15-16

    The imputation of Christ’s righteousness is the ultimate basis for our justification, a teaching we will explore in a few days. Today what we must remember is that good works do not set us right before God, although they do prove that He has declared us righteous in Christ (James 2:14–26). If we have to trust in our works at all, even if only a little bit, we can never be assured of our justification. None of us can do enough good to stand in God’s presence. View Resource

  • Justified by Faith Devotional

    Romans 3:27-31

    If you are a believer, you have been justified. That means God has determined that He will not regard you as a guilty sinner but as His spotless, perfect child. In this simple process are displayed all the wonders of the love, grace, and mercy of our redeeming God. Give Him heartfelt praise today for giving you the faith by which you were saved. View Resource

  • A Way for Sinners Devotional

    Romans 3:21-26

    We speak of God’s dilemma in this study. Of course, God cannot really experience a dilemma, for He is sovereign and unhindered. His plan of redemption is not a plan B in response to man’s surprising behavior. Rather, the Gospel has always been His plan, as the Scriptures teach (see below). Consider afresh the wisdom of God’s plans. View Resource

  • The Need for Faith Devotional

    Romans 3:10-20

    John Calvin said the law of God is a mirror to reveal our sin and drive us to Christ. It is more than a list of do’s and don’ts designed to show us how to obey God. Think about it—aren’t you glad our God accepts us on the basis of grace, not because we perform in a specified way? Praise him for His deep, deep love for you. View Resource

  • Faith and Works? Devotional

    James 2:14–26

    One theologian has said that we must employ the theology of the second glance. Admittedly, there are passages which at first seem to imply the opposite of what one knows is orthodox. A more careful approach resolves apparent contradictions. Thank God for teachers who clearly explain the one way of salvation. View Resource