• Christ Alone Devotional

    2 Corinthians 5:21

    Mankind’s failure to meet the Lord’s standard of perfection is an essential part of the gospel message, and the covenant of works informs us of His standard. Jesus did not come to give us our best life now or to bring us wealth and health today. He came to earn a righteousness for us that would overcome death and make us worthy of the new heavens and earth. Make sure God’s unattainable standards and the answer of His grace are part of your gospel presentation. View Resource

  • The Only Foundation Devotional

    Isaiah 28:16–22

    What are you trusting in for salvation? Even if you are a professing believer, are you building your ministry to others on the foundation of Christ? Consider your life carefully—where is your confidence? If things go bad in this world, what do you think will keep you safe? Trust in the Lord, for He alone can make your paths straight. View Resource