• David and Ahimelech Devotional

    1 Samuel 21:1–9

    The letter of the Law is not unimportant, but it can never be followed at the expense of the spirit of the Law. This can be difficult and is fraught with peril, for it can be easy to claim to follow the spirit of the Law only because we want to justify lawlessness. Only by the regular study of Scripture with other godly Christians and prayer can we know the spirit of the Law well enough so as to apply God’s commandments rightly in all circumstances. View Resource

  • The Table of Showbread Devotional

    Exodus 25:23–30

    It can be easy to take God’s provision of food for granted, but we must always remember that we are sustained only on account of His gracious work to meet every one of our needs. He gives us what we need according to His standards, and we must never forget this both in times of plenty and in times of want. Let us do what we can to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness to God for His supply and encourage others to do the same. View Resource