• The Calling of God Devotional

    Romans 1:1–7

    Though it is not directly mentioned here, each believer has a call to service. Many have been gifted to labor in the world. Others have been gifted to work with men and women, perhaps in the church. God’s call is a call to serve Him. See that the call of God influences how you live and work at your calling. View Resource

  • Captivity Promised Devotional

    Genesis 15:12–13

    Being a servant in the kingdom of God does not carry with it a life of ease. In His wisdom, the Lord has seen fit to exact His reign through weak disciples in whom His power is made perfect (2 Cor. 12:1–10). How are you suffering for Jesus? Are you being ridiculed for your commitment? Perhaps friends or family have spurned you on account of your faith. Be encouraged today that your suffering will not last forever and that God will one day vindicate you. View Resource

  • Caring for Our Shepherds Devotional

    Galatians 6:5–6

    Our local pastors have a responsibility before the Lord for the care of our souls. They will be judged more strictly because of this (James 3:1), and we must do all that we can to help them do their job faithfully. Besides giving money and encouraging the decision-makers in our congregations to pay our ministers well, we can also thank our pastors for preaching the Word of God faithfully. These are all ways we can share “all good things” with our teachers. View Resource

  • Christian Humility Devotional

    Philippians 2:3–4

    Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage, explaining that we can put others before ourselves more easily when we are “severe with our own faults and charitable in our judgment of others.” If we assume the best of other people in the church, we will find ourselves more readily surrendering our own rights in order to serve them. If we assume the worst, we will find it nearly impossible to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ. View Resource

  • The Christian’s Conflicting Desires Devotional

    Philippians 1:21–24

    One commentator has wondered what it would mean for the church if we really acted on the reality that “to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” What if we more consistently conducted ourselves as if true life meant Christ and not a bigger house, a happy family, or a satisfying job, however important all these may be? What if we lived more regularly as if our deaths would result in the greatest gain we could ever conceive? View Resource

  • Deacons Devotional

    Matthew 25:31–46

    Jesus tells us very clearly that those who want to be great in the kingdom of God must serve others (Matt. 23:11). None of us should ever think that we are too good or hold too high of a position to do particular tasks. Instead, we must be willing to do even the smallest and least enjoyable tasks when that is what is necessary to serve the needs of others. Let us serve others with gladness and fulfill Christ’s call to greatness. View Resource

  • Deacons Devotional

    Matthew 25:31–46

    Are you serving others in the church and in the world as God commands? Take some time to look at the priorities in your life and see whether you are serving others as God would have you do. Then, go to the deacons in your church, and offer your time and resources to help them provide for those in need. View Resource

  • Doing Good to All Devotional

    Galatians 6:9–10

    The recipients of our good deeds are not to be limited to any one group, but we do have a responsibility to take care of our brothers and sisters in the Lord first. John Calvin writes, “There are duties which we owe to all men arising out of a common nature; but the tie of a more sacred relationship, established by God himself, binds us to believers.” How have you sown to the Spirit this week through service to another believer? View Resource

  • Entering into Your Priesthood Devotional

    What are you doing to help those around you who are in distress? Are you keeping yourself clean from the world’s pollution, as James admonishes? View Resource

  • Equality and Diversity Devotional

    Proverbs 22:2

    What culturally dominant political and social philosophies try to undermine God’s order in society? What happens to a society when you treat everyone as if they were equal in every respect? Examine your own belief system for any attempts to equalize humanity rather than an acceptance of God’s established order. View Resource

  • The Generous Soul Devotional

    Proverbs 19

    Do something for the poor either through your church or a ministry to the poor, or on your own initiative. Take some clothes to a shelter or some food to a soup kitchen. Give money to a ministry. Offer your time to serve others who need help. If you have children, get them involved. Commit long term to this. View Resource

  • Getting Angry at our Enemies Devotional

    Proverbs 25:21–22

    When Scripture speaks of doing good to our enemies, it is focusing on the common, everyday interactions that we have with other people. This teaching is less applicable in cases of physical violence or wars between nations, although even seeking justice is a form of love and kindness in that it may keep an offender from sinning even further. In any case, we should love those who hate us, pray for them, and seek their well-being. View Resource

  • Giving Thanks Devotional

    Luke 17:11-19

    We might think that we are grateful to God for what He has done for us, but if we never work to serve others, especially His people, then we must question the authenticity of our thankfulness. James 2:14–26 and other passages make it clear that Christian virtues are not mere inward thoughts and feelings but are expressed in concrete acts of love and service. Let us show forth how thankful we are to God by doing good to others. View Resource

  • God’s Work Ethic Devotional

    Ephesians 4:28

    God’s people are called to be generous, not foolish. We want to provide real help to widows, orphans, and others who are in true need, first in our churches and then in the world. As we seek to help others, we should be discerning, giving to programs that help lift people out of poverty instead of just perpetuating a dysfunctional cycle. We should also be most concerned with how we ourselves are fulfilling the call to generosity, not how others might be failing to do so. View Resource

  • The Greatness of Service Devotional

    Matthew 20:24–28

    Matthew Henry writes, “It is the duty of Christ’s disciples to serve one another, for mutual edification.” A true leader leads by example, never asking others to do something that the leader is unwilling to do himself. He does not seek leadership in order to have power and authority over others, he leads in order to do good for other people. Is the leadership function you perform, no matter how large or small it might be, characterized by such service? View Resource