• Captivity Promised Devotional

    Genesis 15:12–13

    Being a servant in the kingdom of God does not carry with it a life of ease. In His wisdom, the Lord has seen fit to exact His reign through weak disciples in whom His power is made perfect (2 Cor. 12:1–10). How are you suffering for Jesus? Are you being ridiculed for your commitment? Perhaps friends or family have spurned you on account of your faith. Be encouraged today that your suffering will not last forever and that God will one day vindicate you. View Resource

  • Serve One Another Devotional

    1 Peter 4:10–11

    Peter does not give us an exhaustive list of gifts here; he gives two broad examples that encompass many of the specific ones listed elsewhere in the New Testament. What are your spiritual gifts? Do you have particular talents that have been noticed by the elders in your church? Do you readily gravitate toward one ministry or another? These are helpful questions to help determine your gifts. If you are not using your gifts, find a specific area of ministry in which you can serve. View Resource

  • Undefiled Religion Devotional

    James 1:26–27

    Does your relationship with Jesus impact others? Do you know when to bridle your tongue for the sake of edifying other believers? Does your relationship manifest itself in a religion of service that helps to provide for widows and orphans so that they will come to know Christ? Does your love for Jesus motivate you to stay away from moral impurity? If the answer to any of these questions is no, strive to avoid the sins of an unbridled tongue and the neglect of the needy. View Resource

  • Deacons Devotional

    Matthew 25:31–46

    Are you serving others in the church and in the world as God commands? Take some time to look at the priorities in your life and see whether you are serving others as God would have you do. Then, go to the deacons in your church, and offer your time and resources to help them provide for those in need. View Resource

  • Lifting Up the Rod Devotional

    Exodus 17:8–16

    Do you ever pray for someone in ministry? It could be any ministry from a pastor, to a missionary, to a husband and wife ministering to their children, to a Sunday School teacher. If you do not already do this, make a list of people to pray for. Intercede for them, praying that God will give them faithfulness in their ministries. View Resource

  • How do You Spell Joy? Devotional

    Romans 12:9–21

    How do you spell joy? “J” stands for Jesus. “O” stands for others, and “Y” stands for yourself. The secret to joy is to put Jesus first, others second, yourself last. This is a child’s lesson, but it is so difficult to grasp. Too often we put the “Y” first. Make plans to do something for someone else this week. Enter into someone else’s life. View Resource

  • Equality and Diversity Devotional

    Proverbs 22:2

    What culturally dominant political and social philosophies try to undermine God’s order in society? What happens to a society when you treat everyone as if they were equal in every respect? Examine your own belief system for any attempts to equalize humanity rather than an acceptance of God’s established order. View Resource

  • The Generous Soul Devotional

    Proverbs 19

    Do something for the poor either through your church or a ministry to the poor, or on your own initiative. Take some clothes to a shelter or some food to a soup kitchen. Give money to a ministry. Offer your time to serve others who need help. If you have children, get them involved. Commit long term to this. View Resource

  • Proper Perspective Devotional

    Romans 12:1–8

    Tests that show us our psychological inclinations, talents, and aptitudes can be valuable in assessing our strengths and gifts. Learning our gifts will make us more useful members of Christ’s body. Through discussion and prayer with your pastor and other wise counselors, make a genuine effort to evaluate yourself and discover your gifts. View Resource

  • The Calling of God Devotional

    Romans 1:1–7

    Though it is not directly mentioned here, each believer has a call to service. Many have been gifted to labor in the world. Others have been gifted to work with men and women, perhaps in the church. God’s call is a call to serve Him. See that the call of God influences how you live and work at your calling. View Resource

  • Single-mindedness Devotional

    Acts 5:17–42

    Acts recounts the heroic deeds of the early church. Central to these feats was the abiding trust in the power of God. When you are fearful in the face of opposition, do you become angry at God for abandoning you, or do you turn to Him for strength? Ask the Spirit to make you always aware that God is on His throne. View Resource