• The Servant Comes to the Synagogue Devotional

    Luke 4:16–30

    When Christ came the first time, His primary aim was not condemnation. Condemnation was more of a secondary but inevitable consequence of rejecting His gracious salvation. “Whoever believes in [the Son] is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already” (John 3:18). But Jesus will return to judge creation, and many will be condemned then (Rev. 20:11–15). The only way to escape eternal condemnation is to bow the knee to Him as Lord today. View Resource

  • The Servant of the Lord Devotional

    Isaiah 42:1–9

    The Jewish view of the Servant Songs is not wrong in what it affirms but in what it denies. Because Israel’s failure to be the Lord’s servant is so clear in Isaiah, the Servant Songs must ultimately be about an ideal Israel, an Israel who perfectly obeys the calling of God on the nation. This is Jesus, whom the New Testament reveals as the new Israel of God (Matt. 2:13–15; John 15:1–17). Jesus, the ideal Israel, has atoned for the sins of Israel, namely, all those who trust in Him. View Resource

  • Servant of the Lord II Devotional

    Isaiah 53:4–11

    The atonement of Christ has healed us spiritually and physically. Even though many of us suffer from various ailments, the Servant of the Lord, Jesus Christ has secured our complete health in His perfect sacrifice. As we anticipate the return of Christ, we should rejoice in the truth that God will heal us completely. View Resource

  • Servant of the Lord I Devotional

    Isaiah 53:1–3

    We see from today’s passage that we should not be surprised when people reject the Messiah. We have been told ahead of time that people will do so. But we also know that some reject Jesus at first but later confess Him as Savior. If you know someone that has rejected Christ, consider how you might continue being His witness to them. View Resource