• Perfect Love Devotional

    1 John 4:17–18

    In commenting on this verse, John Calvin writes, “though fear is not wholly shaken off, yet when we flee to God as to a quiet harbor, safe and free from all danger of shipwreck and of tempests, fear is really expelled for it gives way to faith.” If you are a believer yet fear punishment, you must not flee from the Lord but run to Him in repentance. Endeavor to perfect your love by turning from sin and turning toward Him so that you might be cleansed. View Resource

  • Grace and Knowledge Devotional

    2 Peter 3:17–18

    While it is certainly true that all of those without true faith will not finally fall away, this does not mean that we who confess Christ have the right not to take the warnings of Scripture seriously. Even true believers can temporarily lose assurance if they follow false teaching. Warnings like the one found in today’s passage are used by the Holy Spirit to keep us in faith. Pray that you would be receptive to the warnings of Scripture and study so that you may not fall prey to error. View Resource

  • Unfruitful and Blind Devotional

    2 Peter 1:8–9

    When you look at your life and the specific ministry in which you are involved, do you find that your work is bearing fruit for the kingdom? Take some time today to consider the qualities listed in 2 Peter 1:5–7. Then ask yourself honestly where you lack and how this is keeping you from being as fruitful as possible. Ask the Lord to enable you to persevere in this quality and find someone to hold you accountable for practicing and growing in it. View Resource

  • Supplement Your Faith Devotional

    2 Peter 1:5–7

    The order of the virtues listed in today’s passage emphasizes faith and love. Faith is listed first because without true faith we cannot be holy, and love is listed last because it is both our final goal and the virtue that must undergird all the others (1 Cor. 13:13). As you have sought holiness have you done so in order to exhibit love, or have you tended toward legalism? Today, strive for one of the virtues listed but do so in order to reflect the preeminent love of Christ. View Resource

  • The End of All Things Devotional

    1 Peter 4:7

    How are you living in light of the return of Christ? Are you obsessed with trying to learn the exact timing of the second advent? Or are you praying and working in light of His return? There is much work to do before our Lord returns, and today’s passage tells us that we must be praying. Take some time today to pray for the kingdom to come and manifest itself powerfully wherever you may be. Do your best to expect Christ’s return with eagerness and sobriety of mind. View Resource

  • Arm Yourselves Devotional

    1 Peter 4:1–2

    When Peter says that those who suffer in the flesh have ceased from sin, he is not teaching that sinless perfection is possible in this life. Until we are glorified we will still sin. However, as John Calvin writes, if we are united to Christ “we are really and effectually supplied with invincible weapons to subdue the flesh.” Make every effort to arm yourself with Christ’s manner of thinking so that you would be willing to suffer rather than do evil. View Resource

  • A Spiritual House Devotional

    1 Peter 2:4–5

    While it is true that each individual believer becomes a temple of God, we do not do well if we neglect passages like this that emphasize the corporate nature of the people of God. Currently, we are being built into a temple along with other believers so that God may dwell richly among all of us. As we love other Christians, we become beautiful stones, and God dwells more powerfully among us. Find a way to love even the “unlovable” people in your church. View Resource

  • Pure Spiritual Milk Devotional

    1 Peter 2:1–3

    What is your response to the Word of God? Do you crave it with the hunger that a newborn infant has for his mother’s milk? Or are you indifferent, thinking that your study of Scripture does not really contribute all that much to your Christian maturity? Go before the Lord today and ask Him to increase your hunger for His Word. Then, take some steps to study it eagerly so that you may know how to please God by loving others earnestly. View Resource

  • Friends of the World Devotional

    James 4:4–5

    If someone were to look at your life and values would he say that you are a friend of God, or would he say that you are a friend of the world? Consider your relationships and ask yourself if the problems you might have stem from the ungodly jealousy and selfish ambition characteristic of the world. If so, there is but one solution: repentance and trust in God’s sanctifying power. As Calvin says, we must “renounce the world, if we wish to serve God.” View Resource

  • Recieve With Meekness Devotional

    James 1:21

    Are you continually making an effort to receive the “implanted word” with meekness and humility? Are you being diligent with the tools that help you learn the Word of God such as Bible study and hearing the preached Word? Take some time to take an account of your life, and see what you can do to help facilitate your study of the Word of God. Join or lead a Bible study, and if you are not at a church that faithfully preaches the Word of God, find one and join it. View Resource

  • The Fruit of Discipline Devotional

    Hebrews 12:11

    One of the reasons that discipline is so difficult to endure sometimes is that we cannot see the future. We cannot see the good that God will produce in us as a result of today’s discipline. Yet we are promised today that the peaceable fruit of righteousness will result. Ask God to help you treasure this future fruit so that you can endure. View Resource

  • For Our Good Devotional

    Hebrews 12:9–10

    The discipline that the Lord sends to His people will not last forever. It lasts only long enough to achieve God’s purposes and will cease entirely upon our glorification. If you are being disciplined, remember that it will not last forever and ask the Lord that you will see the lesson He wants you to learn from it. View Resource

  • The Father’s Discipline Devotional

    Hebrews 12:5–6

    Some, but not all, suffering in our lives occurs because God is displeased with us. If you are having to endure a period of suffering, ask yourself whether God might be disciplining you for sin. If so, repent of your sin and remember that God disciplines you because He loves you. View Resource

  • For All Time Devotional

    Hebrews 10:11–14

    Though we long for the day when the created order will be renewed, we do not have to wait for Jesus to sit upon His throne. He is ruling today and gradually bringing all things into subjection. Look at your life for areas that do not reflect subjection to Christ’s rule and begin taking steps to manifest His reign in all areas of your life. View Resource

  • We Have Been Sanctified Devotional

    Hebrews 10:8–10

    Christ has done all that is necessary to make us holy, and, positionally, those in Christ are holy. But our positional holiness is not yet a reality in our day to day experience. Pray for the Holy Spirit to help motivate you to manifest the holiness we enjoy in Christ, and seek to be obedient to the commands given to us in God’s Word. View Resource