• The Law in the Life of an Unbeliever Devotional

    Romans 7:12

    As we will see tomorrow, we cannot love the law truly unless the law first crushes us. People who keep the law in hopes that their obedience will merit eternal life do not truly love the law or the perfect Lord who revealed it. They love a false god who makes the false promise that sinners can merit heaven. Those who have been driven to Christ by the law, however, can love it as a guide to holiness. View Resource

  • What Jews and Gentiles Share Devotional

    Romans 3:9

    To be under sin is to have sin as one’s master and to suffer under the verdict of guilt before the bar of God’s justice. Christians have Christ as their master and have been pronounced righteous in Him, so we are not “under sin” in the same way that a non-Christian is. However, sin’s influence does remain until we see the Lord face-to-face, and we should never underestimate it. Through daily repentance we can mortify this sin by the Holy Spirit and become more like our Savior. View Resource

  • Paul’s Magnum Opus Devotional

    Romans 1:1

    Take some time today to read through the book of Romans and get a grasp of the book’s overall flow and argument. Ask the Lord to help you see the truth of the gospel and how it applies to you both at conversion and throughout the rest of your Christian life. Think of how you might share the gospel with friends and family, and ask the Father to ground you more confidently in His truth as you study His Word that you might clearly preach His gospel. View Resource

  • Peace with God Devotional

    Romans 5:1–11

    In the new covenant era, Isaiah 52:7 is fulfilled in the work of God’s people as they publish news of peace with Him across the world (Rom. 10:15). All of us who have found peace with God through His Son Jesus Christ should be ready to announce the way of God’s peace to the people around us. Are you prepared to show from Scripture that all men outside of Jesus are at enmity with the Creator and that peace can be found only in Jesus? View Resource

  • Unity in Truth Devotional

    Romans 16:17–20

    When joining a church, we often vow to preserve its peace and purity. Unity and peace are difficult to maintain since people are instinctively critical. Decide beforehand that when strife or error comes in your church, your concern will be the unity and preservation of the church, tempered by the need for purity and truth. View Resource

  • God’s Designs for Us Devotional

    Romans 15:22–32

    Sometimes God gives us a vision that He uses to spark the vision in someone else. In fact, some people in the church seem to have the “gift of vision.” They are always seeing things that need to be done, and other people catch the vision from them. What visions have you had, and how have they worked out thus far? View Resource