• Glorifying God in Worship Devotional

    Genesis 4:1–16

    In worship, we may say all the right things in our liturgies, but if our hearts are not in it, the Lord is displeased with our offering of praise. Similarly, our hearts may be fully into worshiping God, but if we entertain falsehood in our worship or praise Him in a manner that is not sanctioned in Scripture, we displease our Creator. We must emphasize both heartfelt praise of our Creator and worship that is structured according to His Word. View Resource

  • How to Worship Devotional

    John 4:1–45

    The best way to ensure that we are worshiping God in spirit and truth is to make sure that we are consciously working to have the right attitude toward worship. We must always think carefully about what goes into a worship service, asking whether a practice is both sanctioned by God and wise. Moreover, to worship God rightly, we must be in a sound church and pray regularly for Him to enflame our hearts with a longing to meet Him in His heavenly temple. View Resource

  • The Regulative Principle Devotional

    Leviticus 10:1–3

    Even within the Reformed tradition, where the regulative principle is highly esteemed, there is disagreement as to how it should be applied. But adherents to the regulative principle agree that human beings are not free to introduce things into worship that have no biblical warrant. Worship should be reverent, structured according to God’s commands so that we do not endanger ourselves by approaching our holy Creator in an unholy manner. View Resource

  • True and Counterfeit Glory Devotional

    James 2:1–13

    Clothes make the man,” the saying goes. We behave better and feel more serious when we dress up. Do we dress up to go to banquets with mere men but not to attend the Lord’s Supper? Do we dress up to go to weddings but not to meet our heavenly Groom on Sunday? Would we dress up for an audience with earthly rulers, but not with the King of Kings? How do you dress for church? View Resource