• God Highly Exalted Devotional

    Psalm 113

    God’s choice to raise the poor and needy from the dust to sit with royalty does not mean He does not do the same for the wealthy. In light of the entire witness of Scripture, we understand that the poor whom the Lord exalts are the “poor in spirit” (Matt. 5:3), those who recognize that they come to God empty-handed, as people who have no righteousness of their own. By the Holy Spirit, rich and poor alike can recognize their need of salvation and find redemption in Christ View Resource

  • Psalms Devotional

    Psalm 51

    One of the first manifestations of ungodly wisdom occurred in the garden of Eden just after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Instead of turning to the Lord, our first parents hid from Him. That is not the model that Scripture gives us. Wise people know that they cannot truly run from God and that it is better to come to Him when they sin than to hide themselves. Only He can provide the forgiveness and the covering for our shame that we need when we have fallen. View Resource