• God’s Promise to Abraham Devotional

    Genesis 15

    Obviously, God cannot cease being God. Thus, there is no chance that the Lord will fail to keep His promise to Abraham. As we look at history, we see that our Creator is keeping His pledge to the patriarch. Abraham has many descendants of faith, men and women who trust in His greatest Son—the Lord Jesus Christ. Despite its imperfections, the church universal proves that God is fulfilling His promises and will keep every other one that He has made to His people. View Resource

  • God’s Promise to Eve Devotional

    Genesis 3:14-15

    When the Lord seems slow in acting, we find it extremely difficult not to think that He has somehow forgotten us. However, God is not bound by our timing, and He always answers us when the time is right, not before or after. The Lord allowed thousands of years to pass between His word to Eve and the birth of Christ, but He still kept His promise. He will keep His promises to us as we wait patiently for Him to move in the time that He has determined is best. View Resource

  • Seventy In Egypt Devotional

    Genesis 46:26–27

    John Chrysostom comments on today’s passage and its later, more consummate fulfillment when these seventy sons of Jacob became six hundred thousand in Egypt (Ex. 12:37). “Be amazed and overcome at God’s providence and the fact that his wishes can never fail, no matter how many people try their utmost” (Homilies on Genesis, 65.7). We can be absolutely sure the Lord will bring to completion all He has promised. Nothing can stand in His way. View Resource

  • The Promise Kept Devotional

    Genesis 46:8–25

    Today, we also wait for the promises of God to reach their fullness. And like Jacob we have evidence all around us that the Lord is keeping His word, though the proofs we can see are far greater. Around the world today, children of Abraham from every nation are being raised up to glorify God. Let us pray faithfully for the spread of the Gospel and give sacrificially that the kingdom may grow and Abraham’s sons and daughters be called to trust the Messiah. View Resource

  • The Move From Canaan Devotional

    Genesis 46:5–7

    Recently, one Christian leader rhetorically asked a conference audience: “When will we believe the power of God is where He says it is?” Basically, he was saying that though our efforts are important, our cleverness or respectability in the culture do not grow the Lord’s kingdom. We must learn to depend on the Spirit just as Jacob did and seek to follow the simple directions of God’s Word in our everyday lives. Only then will our impact be profound and lasting. View Resource

  • The Promise to Isaac, Part 1 Devotional

    Genesis 26:1–5

    As we have said repeatedly, our obedience does not earn us a place in the kingdom, it only shows that we possess the faith that lays hold of salvation (James 2:14–26). Redemption’s greatest blessing is the Lord’s presence (Gen. 26:3), which is tied to life, land, and progeny, because without His dwelling among us, the physical benefits of salvation are nothing. If you are a believer, the Spirit dwells within you even now and is working to enable you to honor God’s law. View Resource

  • Endure With Confidence Devotional

    Hebrews 10:35–36

    We have been discussing at length the importance of the means God uses to keep us in the faith. However, as much as we are commanded to persevere, our confidence must not be in our own abilities but in Christ. Pray that the Lord would help you take your eyes off of yourself and put them on Christ as you persevere in the faith. View Resource

  • The Law and the Promise Devotional

    Galatians 3:15–25

    The proper function of the law is to put before us the right way of living before God. This is very nearly the definition of coram Deo—to live before the face of God, under His authority and unto His glory. Make good use of God’s law as you live your life coram Deo. Pursue the law for Christian growth, and in so doing, please God. View Resource