• God’s Purpose of Election Devotional

    Romans 9:10-13

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage that “the Lord in his gratuitous election is free and exempt from the necessity of imparting equally the same grace to all; but, on the contrary, he passes by whom he wills, and whom he wills he chooses.” God chooses people for salvation according to His good pleasure and not because of anything in them. In fact, He chooses to save sinners in spite of their sin. We should be eternally grateful that He does this; otherwise, no one could be saved. View Resource

  • The Salvation of the World Devotional

    Isaiah 45:14–25

    Those of us from Gentile backgrounds who serve Christ probably do not consider this fact often enough: We are fulfillments of God’s promises to His people. The Lord promised that the nations would serve Him, and as men and women from all nations are converted, this promise is kept. Of course, this is not due to anything in us, for it is all by God’s grace. Still, it is an immense privilege to be a fulfillment of God’s promise, and we should never tire of thanking Him for that. View Resource