• A Sworn Oath to David Devotional

    Psalm 110

    We do not serve a king who is far off and unacquainted with our creaturely state. Rather, we have a Priest-King who has shared the human condition and has experienced the things we have experienced, albeit without sin (Heb. 2:14–18). He is therefore able to empathize with us, and thus He is able, by His Spirit, to fortify us and to walk with us through the greatest struggles in life, enabling us to stand firm for godliness and truth. View Resource

  • The Levitical Priests Devotional

    Jeremiah 33:17–18

    Even on those occasions when God does not reveal conditions explicitly, we can be sure that His ultimate blessings work through the means of our faith and repentance. This faith and repentance is not something we create but is rather the gift of the Lord (Eph. 2:8–9), and if He gives us these things, we will surely repent and believe. Each time we repent and resolve to trust God we are revealing our election and can be assured of our salvation. View Resource

  • David and Ahimelech Devotional

    1 Samuel 21:1–9

    The letter of the Law is not unimportant, but it can never be followed at the expense of the spirit of the Law. This can be difficult and is fraught with peril, for it can be easy to claim to follow the spirit of the Law only because we want to justify lawlessness. Only by the regular study of Scripture with other godly Christians and prayer can we know the spirit of the Law well enough so as to apply God’s commandments rightly in all circumstances. View Resource

  • The New and Living Way Devotional

    Hebrews 10:19–20

    Most of the old covenant saints could never enter into the Holy of Holies. Even the high priest who could enter could do so only once a year. But through Christ, we can enter God’s presence daily in our worship and prayer. Rejoice in this privilege, and remember that by Christ you stand in the presence of God. View Resource

  • Not Repeatedly Devotional

    Hebrews 9:25–26

    The predictability of daily life can make it easy to forget that we have been living in the last days since Christ came. This final era may have been extended longer than expected, yet it is here now. Take some to time to consider how you might allocate your time and money for the Gospel in light of this reality. View Resource

  • Into Holy Places Devotional

    Hebrews 9:23–24

    The high priests of old entered into a presence that had only the types and symbols of the immediate presence of God. But Christ, the God-man and Mediator of the new covenant, has entered into the direct, immediate presence of the Father. Remember that if you are in Him, Christ is pleading for you in the direct presence of God. View Resource

  • New Covenant Mediator Devotional

    Hebrews 9:15

    Jesus has come to be our Mediator, to bear our punishment for sin, and to guarantee our salvation. But this salvation from sin is only part of our inheritance. In His abundant grace, God has made us inheritors of the new world to come. Thank God for His grace, and continue looking forward to your inheritance that is to come. View Resource

  • But Once a Year Devotional

    Hebrews 9:6–7

    No one intends to rush into sin at first. John Calvin reminds us that “men never deliberately rush headlong into ruin, but being entangled in the deceptions of Satan, they lose the power of judging rightly.” Pray that you would guard your heart against temptation and be careful when thinking, “I did not intend to do that.” View Resource

  • Better Promises Devotional

    Hebrews 8:6

    In the old covenant, God was pleased to speak to His people through the mouths of others. But in the new covenant, He came to earth and spoke to us directly in Jesus Christ who is the very incarnation of the eternal God. The new covenant is better not because its promise is different but because its promise is far more direct. View Resource

  • Not Without an Oath Devotional

    Hebrews 7:20–21

    God has sworn that Christ will most certainly be High Priest forever. His covenant will never pass away. We never have to fear if we trust in Christ alone because He will make us holy and He will vindicate us in the end. Remember that we can stand boldly in the face of danger because we belong to a kingdom that will never end. View Resource

  • A Priest from Judah Devotional

    Hebrews 7:13–14

    We serve Christ as the sovereign King seated at the right hand of the Father. But this sovereign King also serves as High Priest, interceding on our behalf. The kings of this world would never express such concerns for their subjects. Worship Christ as both a mighty, sovereign King and a loving, merciful High Priest. View Resource

  • Tithes from Abraham Devotional

    Hebrews 7:4–6

    Our Lord is not unconcerned with history. He does not just keep restarting His plan in a brand new way but, as we have seen with Melchizedek, always unfolds His plan in a way that has continuity with the past. Praise God for demonstrating His Lordship over the past, present, and future by unfolding His plan throughout history. View Resource

  • Resembling the Son Devotional

    Hebrews 7:2–3

    In comparing Christ to Melchizedek it can be easy to think that the primary focus is on how Christ resembles Melchizedek. But in 7:3 we are told that it is Melchizedek who resembles Christ. As you seek to emulate the goldly men of the Bible, remember that they are godly only because of Christ. View Resource

  • This Melchizedek Devotional

    Hebrews 7:1

    Read the account of Melchizedek and Abraham found in Genesis 14:17–24 in preparation for our study over the next few days. Note that even in the earliest days of redemption, God sent the king of Salem to bless His people. Take some time to consider how you have been blessed by Christ, the final King of Jerusalem. View Resource

  • God Appointed Christ Devotional

    Hebrews 5:5–6

    God the Son willingly submitted to God the Father in order to achieve our redemption. Though we will never have to do the work of the Son, we are often called to submit to those within the church, the family, and the workplace in order to advance the kingdom. Ask God to help you submit where submission is mandated by Scripture. View Resource