• The Potter and the Clay Devotional

    Romans 9:20b-24

    Election and reprobation are deep truths that defy our attempts to grasp them fully. God has told us some things about His purposes in election and reprobation, but He has not answered every question we have. In cases like these, John Calvin says that “a mystery which our minds cannot comprehend ought to be reverently adored.” Let us reverence the Lord for His love and justice shown in election and reprobation even though we cannot understand these doctrines completely. View Resource

  • The Golden Chain of Salvation Devotional

    Romans 8:29-30

    Augustine of Hippo comments on today’s passage that “God elected believers in order that they might believe, not because they already believed.” God’s choice of us precedes in every sense our choice of Him. If the Lord had not chosen us, we never would have chosen to believe in Him, and because He chose His people without any view to their own merits or choices, His people will certainly believe. His predestination of us means we are His forever. View Resource

  • Jacob Sets Out Devotional

    Genesis 27:46–28:5

    Matthew Henry says Jacob’s blessing in today’s passage “is more express and full than the former; it is an inheritance of the blessing of Abraham. It is gospel blessing.” Despite his sin and the transgressions of his parents, the Lord’s electing love remained on Jacob and preserved him even if his motivations, and those of his mother, were not entirely pure. We are likewise sinful, but our belief in Christ proves that God’s magnificent, undeserved, electing love is also upon us. View Resource

  • Vessels of Destruction Devotional

    Romans 9:14–24

    Many misunderstand Reformed theology to say that God forces some to go to hell against their will. Though God does indeed pass over some people, He never acts apart from their desires. In our natural state since the fall, all men truly desire hell because they truly desire evil. Some of these He passes over, but in mercy He has chosen to change the desires of others so that they will love Him forever. Thank God for mercifully changing your heart. View Resource

  • Farewell Greetings Devotional

    Hebrews 13:22–25

    The prayer for grace to be with the people of God is no mere wish or vain hope. Rather, the predestinating work of the Father, the effectual work of the Son, and the sealing work of the Spirit all work together to provide the grace we need. Go before the Lord today, confessing your need for God’s sustaining grace. View Resource

  • Eternal Security Devotional

    Joshua 4:1–9

    God promises that those whom He foreknew and predestined He has also glorified (Rom. 8:30). God’s mighty acts of redemption show us that when God promises something, He always fulfills that promise. Remember the ways in which God has been faithful in your life, and thank Him for giving signs that He will be faithful in the future. View Resource

  • Foreknowledge Devotional

    Romans 8:29-30

    The “foreknowledge” view sees all of history as some great movie that God watched but did not create. He is therefore not sovereign. The flow of history depends upon the will of man, not the plan of God. This week thank God for “foreloving” you. View Resource

  • The Order of Salvation Devotional

    Romans 8:29-30

    The value of ordo salutis theology is that it enables us to see clearly that it is God who saves, freeing us from the sinful tendency to take some credit for our own salvation. We do not proclaim, “I found it,” but, “He found me.” Rejoice that it is God who is the author and finisher of your faith. View Resource

  • Predestination and Confidence Devotional

    Romans 8:18–28

    That God is sovereign is nonnegotiable. If anything had power over God, that thing would have to be “god.” It would be the most powerful thing in the universe and would be due our worship and adoration. Thank and praise God for His might, and for the peace we have in knowing He controls all things. View Resource

  • Suffering in the Spirit Devotional

    Romans 8:18–30

    How long has it been since you experienced any of the groaning Paul refers to in Romans 7 and 8? Is it possible that you have allowed your conscience to become hardened to your own waywardness? Ask the Lord to search your heart, and make you sensitive to your own failures, and more desperate for His grace. View Resource